Leadership Team

At MESH01, we’re all about empowerment. Empowering our customers, empowering our customers’ customers, and empowering our own team of dedicated product testing experts. With decades of experience and authority in product development and merchandising, our team is focused on continuous innovation and evolution.

While we certainly can’t list every contributor to our team here (we have a vast number of product testers who work with brands on a varying basis), we’d like to introduce you to some of the market-savvy brains behind MESH01’s best-in-class product testing technology and processes.

Tim Penasack


Army Ranger combat veteran turned rally car driver, Tim now brings more than 20 years of SaaS expertise to MESH01’s continuous evolution and success, including leadership in technology and eCommerce. From forming strategic partnerships to growing companies to a global scale (and everything in between), Tim’s experience with brands like Accenture, Growth Stack, and Cisco is a track record of results.

As CEO, Tim leads MESH01 in its devotion to expanding client relationships with data-driven processes, execute program-level and enterprise-wide solutions, and implement cohesive, company-wide strategies that put clients, financial stability, and success at the forefront. When not in front of his screen, customers or in the air, Tim shares his love for the outdoors with his family -including his beloved dogs- whether on the ski slopes, hiking trails or at home.

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John Loonie


John Loonie is the Chief Technology Officer at MESH01, where he leads the company’s technology strategy and oversees all engineering, product management, security, operations and product development efforts. With over 30 years of experience in software development and engineering leadership, John has a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering high-quality software products.

Prior to joining MESH01, John held several executive leadership positions including Demandware (IPO, acquired by CRM) and Actifio (acquired by Google). John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and enjoys cycling, racing cars, and traveling with his family.

Ryan Nicholson

Vice President, Marketing

Having joined MESH01 in 2017, Ryan merged his professional passions for product development and marketing. Trained in marketing, Ryan spent his first chapters in media and advertising in New York City, spanning roles at start-up publications to one of the most revered global media groups. These experiences afforded Ryan the ability to work closely with many of the world’s most recognized brands.

After a decade in advertising, Ryan shifted focus to the products themselves, beginning work in outerwear product management at Eastern Mountain Sports, where Ryan spent years working closely with designers, developers, sourcing partners and inventory planners. Before joining MESH01, Ryan also managed product testing across all product categories at L.L.Bean. When he’s not head-down on MESH01, Ryan’s reveling in the joys of being a father to young children and still trying to climb hard routes (though, no more sketchy ones).

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