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Have you ever wished you could have some say in how your everyday products are designed? From apparel to accessories, these are the products that equip us for life’s daily adventures. If you’re the kind of person who shops carefully for their gear and knows how to put it to the test, sign up to join our community of product testers and get involved with shaping the products that shape how you move through life.

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Whether you’re hitting the road, trail, or treadmill, we’re always on the lookout for athletically inclined individuals to join our product testing community. The best athletic gear is crafted with real feedback from those who truly know how to use it. From indoor activities to outdoor adventures, rock climbing to weight lifting, we’re calling all athletes who are passionate about the products that equip their workouts to join our dedicated community of testers.

Interested in product testing for some of your favorite athletic brands? Sign up to join our community of product testers and get involved with the process that brings your workout gear to life.

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From skiing to sailing, camping to hiking, outdoor enthusiasts like you demand top-quality gear for your activities. If you’re the kind of person who takes their outdoor adventures seriously, sign up to join our community of qualified product testers and participate in the creation of the highest quality equipment. No matter where your outdoor passions take you, your feedback can make a difference.

Get involved with your favorite outdoor gear brands today by signing up to join our community of testers.

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If you work in a hands-on environment that requires protective gear, tough equipment, and an innovative approach, you know the value of well-made products that can withstand the pressures of your position. From construction to machining, from first responders to landscapers, skilled workers like you rely on protective and performance-enhancing equipment daily, making them uniquely qualified to contribute to the testing of new products for their fields.

If you’re interested in becoming a product tester for new products related to your occupation, sign up to join our community of qualified product testers. Lend your expertise to the product creation process and help some of your favorite brands develop the very best products to suit the needs of your unique vocation.

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Whether your interests include outdoor equipment, workout apparel, or job-related gear, if you’re a go hard or go home type of person, you’re just who we’re looking for to join our team of qualified product testers.

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How It Works

  1. Sign up as a MESH01 product tester.
  2. Qualify for our exclusive testing community.
  3. Dive into testing products from your 
 preferred brands.

What to Expect

  • Engage in concept testing surveys, aiding brands in pinpointing new product opportunities based on your feedback.
  • Test new or upgraded products in real-life scenarios and provide detailed feedback through our testing platform.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to keep products you’ve tested, along with other exclusive incentives.
  • We greatly value timely, honest, and thorough feedback throughout the testing process, and appreciate your commitment until the end.