Go to Market with Confidence

Enhance your product development and merchandising strategy with a purpose-built product testing platform and integrated tester community that take your products from concept, to launch, to success.

Testing Solutions for Every Phase of Product Development

One platform, real customers, and critical feedback for every stage of your product development cycle. Generate insights efficiently and share across your team to make product improvements that will help you create winning products.

Concept Testing

Every product begins as an idea. Get validation for your market opportunity and product concepts from actual customers whose lifestyles and interests match your market.


Product Testing

Put your product through the paces. Get actual customers in your target market to use your product the way it was intended, and collect critical feedback to improve and refine your product before you go to market.


Easy to Use, Easy to Adopt

Cut down the time and effort your company spends on concept and product testing with a single, easy-to-adopt product testing solution and integrated tester community.

Purpose-Built Survey Platform

Reach the users whose feedback counts the most with fast, easy-to-execute surveys built right into the platform. Gather results quickly and apply them right away to your product development process.

Full-Service Capabilities

Too busy? Leverage the MESH01 platform for your concept and product testing, and take advantage of expert testing coordinators, market researchers, and analysts. Upgrade your product development process with full-service testing services for any and every stage.

Vast Tester Community

Gain instant access to the voice of the customer with a 35,000-strong community of product testers who match your target customer segments and will give you the feedback your product needs to win in the market.

Real People. Real Testing. Real Feedback.

They’re out there – connect with them! The MESH01 platform connects you with more than 35,000 testers in your specific markets who will provide valuable feedback to help inform your product development process from concept to launch.

Turn Your Passions into Critical Product Feedback

Help brands create exceptional products. Become a member of our testing community and participate in concept and product testing that fits your lifestyle and your areas of expertise!

What You Can Expect

  • The opportunity to participate in concept testing surveys to help brands validate opportunities in the market based on your input
  • The opportunity to test real products and provide feedback on our easy-to-use digital platform
  • Opportunities to keep the products you test and other incentives

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