2022 was a big year for MESH01! Not only for our team but also for our dedicated and reliable MESH01 Product Tester Community. Thank you testers for being such a valuable and valued part of our community. Through your diligent concept and product testing you have helped improve thousands of future products that the world will soon experience and enjoy.

While we couldn’t be more excited for 2023, let’s take a look at back some of your product testing highlights from 2022. From helping brands increase their raving product reviews online to helping brands further their sustainability efforts, we weren’t too sure where to start!

Here are some of our favorite product testing moments from this year.

MESH01 Parent Product Tester Community Helps a World-Famous Brand Launch Their First Children’s Apparel Line

Helping brands bring new products to the market has always been our thing. This year we were able to engage our parent testers and MESH01 families to a whole new level. Through your insights and feedback, a world-famous apparel brand was able to successfully launch its first children’s apparel line. This year alone your contributions to this brand’s initiative included:

  • Gathering real feedback from 962 MESH01 kids testers
  • Giving detailed feedback on 19 children’s apparel tests
  • Giving the MESH01 parent seal of approval for 19 products

As any parent knows, shopping for your child can sometimes be stressful as we always want the best for our kids! Because of our amazing MESH01 parent product testers, our customers can confidently create new children’s apparel lines. This ensures that their products already have met parents’ expectations before going to market.

MESH01 Product Tester Community Help Brands Introduce More Size-Inclusive and Gender Inclusive Apparel

Expanding and creating a more inclusive range of products is an important initiative for our customers. Getting these product details right – from fit to comfort, design, and beyond – is critical. We aren’t exaggerating when we say, brands really want to hear from you!

Through our spectacular tester community, brands made sure future customer expectations were going to be met. From critical feedback identifying opportunities for improvement to positive feedback validating performance attributes, MESH01 customers appreciate it all. Thank you testers for ensuring product design, fit, quality, and more! Brands now know their existing customers and potential new ones can finally feel confident in their purchases.

MESH01 Testers Help a Leading Apparel Manufacturer Validate New Opportunities and New Products 

Through new product development and product testing of new apparel samples, many of you helped a leading apparel manufacturer validate a completely new product opportunity and product type. As this brand continues to evolve its product offering beyond so many go-to favorite styles, your preference and testing feedback on fit, comfort and performance allowed the brand to confirm the relevance of the new product concept and inform early product development details, as well as uncover areas for future improvements. 

It’s application of your product tester feedback like this that results in fresh new products to love from brands you already know and trust. 

We Could Not Have Done It Without You!

What a year it has been! Throughout 2022, concept and product testing has continued to prove itself to be resilient in its drive toward aiding brands and creating quality products. Our accomplishments this year are possible because of you – our incredible product tester community. You all have helped better the world of future product experiences by providing amazing feedback and insights through product and concept testing. We cannot wait to achieve more together in 2023!