What a year it has been! As 2023 comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible milestones we have achieved. And we could not have done it without the help of you, our amazing product tester community! Your dedication and contributions are a driving force behind the creation of better products for so many of the world’s leading brands. 

Let’s take a look at some of the standout product testing moments from 2023:

Testing Thousands of Pre-Market Products

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Brands have realized the importance of testing products with REAL people. They also know how product testing is essential for ensuring an amazing product experience. Your rigorous product testing is responsible for shaping the future of products. This year alone, our community of testers has successfully evaluated and provided feedback for thousands of pre-market products. Your attention to detail has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the products reaching the market are of the highest quality and reliability, and are designed to exceed expectations. Thank you for your incredible efforts!

Platform Enhancements Based on Your Feedback

We understand that your experience as a tester is critical to the success of our not only the brands, but also the MESH01 platform. That’s why we wanted to hear from you. This year we have surveyed thousands of testers within our product tester community about what we could do even better. Your feedback and suggestions have been extremely important in shaping the improvements we’re proud to announce for 2024, including:

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  • FAQs for Testers: In 2024 we’ll be launching comprehensive FAQs to provide you with easy access to information and testing guidance. Whether you’re a seasoned tester or just starting, this resource is designed to make your experience even smoother.
  • Improved Guidance for Brands Communications: Your feedback highlighted the importance of clear communication between brands and testers. In response, we’ve implemented new best practices for brands on the most effective ways to collaborate and communicate with our product tester community. 
  • Technical Updates for a Better Tester Experience: Prepare for an upgrade! We’ve listened to your suggestions. This year, we will be debuting some product tester platform updates that make participating in tests even more enjoyable and efficient.

Providing Over a Million Points of Feedback

Together, we’ve achieved an astonishing milestone of generating over a million of points of feedback this year alone. As a community, you have participated in over 100,000 product surveys, provided over 200,000 testing activity logs, images, and video uploads, and generated over 10,000 Performance Zones!

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Your feedback has been a driving force in shaping the future of products for the better. Each comment, photo, and activity log have been carefully considered, making a significant impact on the development and refinement of products across various industries. Brands can now be assured that both their existing and potential customers can make purchases with newfound confidence.

Thank You… For Being You!

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your dedication, time, and passion. MESH01 wouldn’t be the thriving product tester community it is without each and every one of you. As we look ahead to 2024, we’re excited about the continued growth of our community and the impact we will collectively make on the future of products.