Enhance Product Creation and Deliver a Product They Really Want – with Data That Matters

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The term “big data” is used so much that its meaning and how we view it has become somewhat diluted. Big data means there’s a lot of data, and the more data the better, right?

Well, not necessarily.

Sure, collecting big data is easier than ever. But the challenge isn’t in gathering data so much as in gathering the right data. Infusing your target customers’ voices into your product creation process is critical to developing the product they want. To make it happen, you need quality, useful data that you can navigate and apply effectively.

How Can Product Teams Use Data for Successful Product Creation?

Without the right tools, feedback data can feel a lot like a football stadium full of customers. Customers who are all yelling at once about what they think and what they need. For a brand trying to create a successful product, cutting through the noise will obtain clear feedback. That feedback can provide actionable insight and ensure a great customer experience with your product.

The answer isn’t just “big” data, but accurate and actionable data.

Identifying specific customer wants and needs through purposeful collection and analysis of feedback data can save your company time and money. It can also minimize your risks, and give you confidence in the product you’re bringing to market.

Product research and testing data leveraging actual customers, big or small, can play an essential role in your product creation process:

  • Producing actionable customer insights
  • Identifying new product design concepts
  • Informing new product development
  • Improving existing products

To realize the significant benefits of this data, your company must have the capacity to gather, manage, and analyze the feedback effectively and efficiently.

Turning Yesterday’s Idea into Tomorrow’s Product with the Right Platform

Of course, you want that cool product idea to take off and be a hit among your target customers.  

Maybe your company already has a big data strategy in place to gather insights toward product development. But consider instead a platform with the right tools and techniques for targeted customer feedback data analysis and management. This type of solution can be a great addition to your existing strategy.

There are a few key ways this approach to customer feedback data gathering, analysis, and management benefits your product development process over and above a big data strategy:

Test Concepts Fast. Concept testing has gotten a boost in recent years with digital technologies. These tools allow you to collect mountains of customer insight data. Then it automates the analysis of those insights so you can identify opportunities beginning as early as the concept stage. From there, you can create and disseminate surveys and instantly receive valuable input. This input can help you identify the best direction for your product, whether you’re exploring market opportunities or validating new concepts.

Be Future-Proof. Knowing how your product will perform in the market post-launch can have an enormous positive impact on your entire product life cycle. Forecasting the future of your product may sound too good to be true, but by infusing the voices of your customers into the product creation process, your product team can be more confident in the development trajectory.

Know Your Product Direction. While big data helps generate valuable customer insights to inform your product development, its very nature of being “big” can also cause companies to focus too much on the final product and less on the steps that got them there. Implementing targeted customer feedback data at each step of your product development process will keep your organization on top of all valuable insights. This way you can be sure the data is effectively driving your product’s overall direction.

Be Customer-Confident. Your entire product development process should be focused on using customer insights to create a better product that delivers a great user experience. A research and testing platform leveraging actual customer feedback can turn your data into quality, useful customer insights. This will help you knock your next product out of the park.  

The key to your company’s product success may not lie in big data but in the right data leveraging a big solution. To learn how the MESH01 platform turns the right data into great products, visit www.mesh01.com.