2022 was a big year for MESH01. On top of everything, this year, we also have finally gotten to chance to showcase our amazing tester community with the new Tester Spotlight series on our Instagram and Facebook. The series just launched for the first time this year! 11 awesome testers have shared their stories, and we look forward to recognizing more in 2023.

Check out our Tester Spotlights of 2022!

Tracy Linder

Meet Tracy!

Tracy has been a tester with us since 2017. Her favorite activites include hiking, camping, and backpacking. However, her favorite activity is definitely running. Whether she is hitting the trails or running in her neighborhood, Tracy is currently inspired by her own personal goal of keeping up with her daily running streak (over 600 days and counting wow!) but to also maintain her goal of running a minimum of 100 miles each month of 2022.

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Fredrika Paulig

Meet Fredrika!

Fredrika has been a tester with us since 2020. Her hobbies include revolve very much around sports. With running being her favorite activity, at the same time she’s a total gym rat! Whether its working with her personal trainer, attending fitness and boxing classes or completing obstacle course races such as Spartan or Savage races – Fredrika is always on the move!

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Andre Stone

Meet Andre!

Andre has been a tester with us since 2013! His favorite activities include Calisthenics, running (road, trail), soccer, and trying new things! Andre is a dedicated tester who loves being able to test out new products and help companies explore their concepts. He’s the guy who is super excited about the updates when a company launches a new model, and is constantly thinking about how my gear could be better – or raving about it if it’s pure awesome! Being able to be part of that process of exploring what works and what might need to be tweaked is something he loves doing.

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Christine Hsieh

Meet Christine!

She has been a tester with us since 2014. Christine enjoys weight training, playing golf, and touch rugby. Her biggest accomplishment is having played for the US in a Touch World Cup! (Picture is of Christine representing USA at the Touch World Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

Read more about Christine here.

Chad Rietze

Meet Chad!

Chad has been a tester with us since 2014. His favorite activity is soccer. He played at the College of Idaho before transferring & playing at The University of Utah. In his free time, and depending on the season, he also enjoys snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking and backpacking. Chad loves participating as a tester as it gives him the motivation to get outside or engage in whatever activity the product is tailored to.

Read more about Chad here.

Janet Thompson

Meet Janet!

Janet has been a tester with us since 2016. Some of her favorite activities include hiking, mountain biking, trail running, fly fishing, skiing (backcountry touring, alpine and cross-country), kayaking, kayak/canoe camping, backpacking, photography, and anything fitness related (strength training, training clients, TRX, etc.). She works full time as a full time in marketing and tech/ecommerce. She is also a personal trainer and nutrition coach, a photographer, and ambassador.

Read more about Janet here.

Brandon Bennet

Meet Brandon!

Brandon has been a tester with us since 2020. He enjoys and grew up playing soccer. He currently refs soccer at all levels, including youth, high school, college, and adult leagues. After years of soccer, just simple running was getting hard on his knees, so he looked into other fitness avenues and have gained appreciation for cycling, swimming and hiking. Beyond that he also loves to hunt and explore the woods with his kids as often as possible.

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Harry McSween

Meet Harry!

Harry has been a tester with us since 2020. He enjoys running and rock climbing. He averages running 4-5 days a week and go rock climbing as often as he can. His biggest motivations a getting outside.and not having to think about anything but just being able to go and do. Also, his kids! Who are now able to accompany Harry on his outside adventures and testing experiences – which makes that much more fun!

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Chris Miller

Meet Chris!

Chris has been a tester with us since 2016. Chris really enjoys being part of the MESH01 test as it gives him motivation to stay active. Some of Chris’s favorite activiteis include backpacking, trail and distance running. As well as participating in triatholons and other races.

Read more about Chris here.

Cindy Shoer

Meet Cindy!

Cindy enjoys being outdoors and pursuing physical activity. She loves the challenge and the peace as well as new adventures. Even the smallest of things such as, new trails and new sports to try.

Read more about Cindy here.

Welcome 2023!

There are a lot of people who are willing to give an online review for a free sample. Our community has proved to be different, you are responsible for helping brands create exceptional products and exceeding the typical ‘standard panel’. Thank you to our qualified, reliable product testing community – we cannot wait for what 2023 has in store.