Enhancing product testing through product lifecycle management integration

The saying goes; “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” so it follows that “your process is only as fast as its slowest part.”

In an era of digital transformation, new technologies are pioneering product lifecycle management. We have access to product testing solutions that allow you to bring innovative, on-trend products to market faster than ever before. By connecting up high-speed platforms, your product development process stands to gain considerable speed while improving your products and customer experience.


As the industry-leading PLM platform, PTC FlexPLM delivers a comprehensive solution for product development. Where FlexPLM has pioneered product lifecycle management, MESH01 has defined the new standard in product testing. We offer a fast and effective platform that facilitates customer engagement and consumer insights within the product development process – from concept to launch.

The FlexPLM + MESH01 integration even further streamlines your team’s highly informed product development process. Enabling designers, developers, and merchants to kick off and reference product testing feedback data within a connected FlexPLM environment, you can expect:

  • Actionable customer insights
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Product-level improvements
  • Faster speed to market

Stop by the MESH01 booth at LiveWorx 19 between June 10-13 and see how PTC FlexPLM + MESH01 can accelerate and improve your product development process.

Learn more about the PTC FlexPLM + MESH01 integration.