new exercise routines and materials choices

For many active and outdoor customers, this past year has brought change to “staying fit”. Two-thirds of our survey respondents indicated they’ve started a new exercise routine during COVID-19. Because of this, a new outlook has emerged on not only their activities but also their material choices.

From cycling to walking, these new exercise routines have developed in parallel with a heightened awareness. That awareness is on which types of fabrics provide the comfort and performance they expect. Attributes like breathability and odor control may be anticipated in the active categories. However, the majority of these shoppers are expecting the same from their casual wear, too.

In this Trend Insight, we explore how these new trends are highlighting the material-savvy customer’s potential impacts on the functional fabrics market, in activewear and beyond.

The following survey was conducted by MESH01 and originally appeared in Textile Insight May/June 2021:

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