Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Many of your favorite brands are, too.

By registering as a MESH01 tester, you’ve completed the first step towards shaping the world of products we all enjoy. As a tester, you’ll have opportunities to work directly with world-leading brands. Your job will be to ensure that they’re going to market with the right products and the best products.

Exciting, we know!

Below, we’ll give you an idea of what’s expected of you – and what to expect – as a MESH01 tester.

What Makes a Great Tester

There are a lot of factors that go into being a great product tester. We’ve made your research a bit easier. Here are some of the most important parts of sharing your customer voice during the product development stage:

  • Honesty: Brands value your honesty when testing. Don’t worry, feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t love a product. That’s the exact feedback they might be searching for! Brands know that their current customers, while sometimes vocal in a constructive way, are most likely loyal fans. They also know that sometimes this voice shouldn’t be part of the feedback mix. Instead, many brands look to MESH01 testers for honest, constructive feedback to make their products and product experiences even better. So tell them what you really think and how you really feel!
  • Attention to Detail: Product research and testing is a critical phase in the development process. It requires high-quality, detailed, and relevant feedback. This helps brands can make changes to their product that will ensure their success in the market. By providing all the feedback and detail you want to share, in the form of survey responses, product performance zone feedback, and activity logs, you are adding valuable data to a critical stage in the product development process.
  • Reliability: Being mindful of timing and fully completing test requirements on those test timelines plays a huge role. In an effort to bring on-trend products to market, brands work with certain deadlines. These deadlines are often accelerated to bring on-trend products to market as fast as high-quality product development can allow! Working together and meeting deadlines according to a test design and timeline will make the testing experience much more seamless for everybody.
  • Dedication: Another great benefit is testing in your natural environment. Do not hesitate to bring the product fully into your life. We encourage you to test in your kitchen, at the job site, on a hike, or on the playing field. Wherever use of the product is most applicable and appropriate is where it should be tested. This only enables you to give genuine, accurate feedback about how well the product met or didn’t meet your expectations. Ultimately, this provides brands with valuable information they can’t generate in the lab.

The Importance of Your MESH01 Tester Profile

It’s no secret that the best path to being selected to test a product on MESH01 is to make your profile stand out! But how can you do that? Here are some of the most impactful updates and additions you can make to your MESH01 tester profile to help brands find you:

  • Smile! Make sure you have a profile picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. Brands love getting a real feel for who they are selecting to participate in their product test.
  • Tell us about yourself, then tell us a little more. Be sure to go beyond your basic profile requirements. Utilize your Profile Surveys to communicate what makes you, you! After all, most brands create products with a very specific idea of their customer in mind. Give them the chance to see that that customer is you!
  • Keep your profile up to date. From your address to your activities and sizing, it’s essential to make sure your profile is an accurate and current representation of you.
MESH01 Product Tester providing product test feedback from home

Maintaining these areas of your profile is important. It will help paint a clear and exciting picture of you as a product tester and customer. This is a critical component of the brand/tester fit.

Being Part Of Our Amazing Community

Our brands expect our community to provide exceptional feedback. With this considered, it does not take away from the extraordinary input and participation we receive from them. Nor does not take away from the fantastic experience our testers face while helping brands create excellent products. As a tester, you test products that fit your lifestyle and areas of expertise. Generally, making it easy to incorporate new products into your lives. Most importantly, also give proper feedback on how to improve them!

‘What I love about MESH01 is that I get the opportunity to test great products and give meaningful feedback to the companies from whom I purchase all the things that help me in my running journey and beyond.’

– Tracy Linder, MESH01 Tester

At MESH01, we love being an addition to our tester’s lives. Each tester helps shape the products they use daily for the better. Additionally, they also bring something valuable and unique to each test. Check out some of your fellow community members to learn more about their experiences at MESH01.

What to Expect as a MESH01 Tester

It’s an exciting and special opportunity when you’re selected to participate in a product test. If you participate, you’ll often be seeing a product before the rest of the world does. Above all, you’ll also ensure that countless others receive a quality product that meets or exceeds their expectations. That’s why it is essential to understand that becoming a product tester is all about being the right fit at the right time.

You’re part of a 50,000+ product tester community that is growing daily. In that, brands search for the best testers for their concepts and prototypes. A brand looking to test a running shoe wouldn’t select someone who doesn’t run, right? When invited to or chosen for a concept test or product test, it means that your profile fits the target audience criteria for that product. The frequency of this test/tester fit depends on many factors. Those include your sizing, level of participation, location, climate, and more. But don’t let the idea of specific tester needs discourage you. You’ll likely be a good fit for something, so just be sure to keep your profile up to date!

Our Platform

MESH01 is a flexible product testing platform. It supports various use cases and test designs from product concept testing to final prototype or sample tests. Not only can different brands test differently, but the same brand may have many different types of tests. When a good test/tester fit happens for you, brands will often be very clear about their specific needs before they finalize their tester “roster”. This gives you a final opportunity to evaluate the test requirements and make a decision about whether or not the test is right for you.

So, expect from them clarity on the test requirements, and in return for your participation, keeping the tested product (before it even hits the market) is a common “thank you”.

We hope this post helps you understand what you can do to be a great tester, and what to expect from your product testing experience!

Happy Testing!