Interested in becoming a MESH01 Parent Product Tester?

Shape the Future of Kids Products

For over a decade, the world’s most recognized brands and retailers have trusted the MESH01 platform with their product experience testing. Become a member of our testing community and participate in product tests that fit you and your child’s interests.

What You Can Expect

  • Direct participation in product tests allows you to provide feedback based on your child’s experience

  • Product tests for you too! Parent Product Testers are eligible to test products for themselves according to their interests, activities, and expertise

  • Opportunities to keep the products you test and other incentives

What’s Expected of You

  • You’ll seek participation in tests relevant to your child’s age, sizing, and interests

  • You’ll provide complete and honest feedback, on time

  • You’ll stick with a test until the end, even if that means weeks or more!