Product Testers

Talk to the Right People

There are a lot of individuals out there looking to test products for a free sample and an online review. But that doesn’t mean they’re your target customer, and they’re probably not putting your product to the true, real-world test. We’ve curated an ever-growing community of more than 50,000 testers you can target by lifestyle, activities, and bio-attributes most relevant to your product and market, so you know you’ll get relevant feedback reflective of your actual customers.

Connect with Your Target Testers

Our community of testers can be narrowed by hyper-specific bio-attributes that include demographics, lifestyle information, interests and activities, occupation, and even products used, all to ensure your concept survey or product gets in the hands of the most appropriate testers.

Concept Survey Success

When distributing a survey for your concept testing phase, would you rather use a group of participants who seem like they represent your target customer, or a targeted group of individuals who you know represent your target market and would actually use your launched product? The more relevant your testers are to your product, the more quality feedback you’ll receive – and this is something on which your brand should not compromise.

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Product Testing Done Right

Putting your products and prototypes in the hands of real users means they’ll be put to the real test. Testers who already engage in the activities or lifestyles your product was designed for will provide the best feedback to ensure your product’s success. Go beyond a single survey – MESH01 product testers are committed to meeting multi-channel feedback requirements that can range from quick checks to months, or even years, of product testing.

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Relevant, Reliable Product Testers

From assortment planning decisions to valuable small-batch prototypes, you need to know the people providing you with critical feedback won’t lead you astray or let you down. In addition to detailed targeting and segmenting tools, each tester’s reliability is calculated in real-time, helping you get your concepts in front of the right people and your samples in the hands of testers you can trust.

Start leveraging our expansive community.

Interested in becoming a MESH01 Product Tester?

Turn Your Passions into Critical Product Feedback

Help brands create exceptional products. Become a member of our testing community and participate in concept and product testing that fits your lifestyle and your areas of expertise!

What You Can Expect

  • The opportunity to participate in concept testing surveys to help brands validate opportunities in the market based on your input
  • The opportunity to test real products and provide feedback on our easy-to-use digital platform
  • Opportunities to keep the products you test and other incentives

What’s Expected of You

  • You’ll seek participation in tests relevant to your work and/or favorite activities
  • You’ll provide complete and honest feedback, on time
  • You’ll stick with a test until the end, even if that means a lot of feedback for weeks or more!

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