Product Testing

Elevate Your Product Line and Bottom Line

Launching products without proper validation puts success on the line. Instead, utilize your target customers to provide feedback to validate performance attributes and identify opportunities for improvement. Go to market with the confidence that you can increase sell-through while decreasing markdowns and return rates.

Put Your Product in the Hands of Real Users

There are “product testers”, and then there are product testers. The MESH01 product tester community spans diverse lifestyles and interests, and all our testers are up to the task of putting your product through its paces and providing relevant, detailed and actionable feedback along the way.

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Collect Tester Insights Quickly and Easily

Our single-platform solution allows your specially-selected product testers to provide direct and immediate feedback as they test your product. Collect the information quickly and efficiently to inform your product development decisions on even the most compressed timelines and calendars via:

  • Product Testing Surveys
  • Performance Zone Heatmaps
  • Activity Logs
  • Image and Video Uploads
  • And more…

Predictive Product Creation

From concept to launch, our product research and testing platform helps guide your product development process and enables your organization to achieve optimized outcomes.

  • Launch product testing quickly and easily
  • Capture valuable feedback from a targeted community
  • Analyze results to inform product adjustments
  • Share feedback seamlessly with key stakeholders
  • Make informed decisions for design, development, marketing and inventory planning
  • Go to market with confidence

Fit Feedback that Makes More Customers Happier

Our product testing platform includes fit testing features so you can efficiently gather apparel and footwear fit feedback from multiple testers. From the fit testing scheduling tool to session planning features, our fit testing feature drives more feedback into your technical design so you can get your fit right.

Prove Your Product Before Launch.

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