Conduct Pre-Launch Product Testing on the MESH01 Platform

Validate your product with valuable voice of the customer feedback on a single-platform product testing solution.

Effective and Efficient Pre-Launch Product Testing

Even on fast product development timelines, teams can conduct data-driven pre-launch product testing and implement actionable voice of the customer feedback that leads to greater success in the market.

For product testing to be effective, you should be putting your product in the hands of testers who will use it the way it’s intended and provide valuable feedback for updates and improvements in line with what your customers want.

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Product Testing Best Practices on the MESH01 Platform

Leverage the purpose-built capabilities of the MESH01 platform and align your brand with product testing best practices to ensure a successful product launch. When you take advantage of a single-platform product testing solution, you can generate immediate feedback from your target customers on design, fit, product performance, and other key attributes to validate your product.

Product testing best practices using MESH01:

  • Recruiting the right testers.
    The MESH01 product testing platform has an integrated community of testers who will provide the feedback you need to deliver an exceptional product experience. You can narrow down your list of best-fit product testers by activity and interest, as well as their level of participation and other activity-specific information – all to ensure they can conduct the most appropriate product assessment.
  • Collecting feedback data.
    Access tester feedback in real-time via purpose-built feedback channels that include activity logs, surveys, image and video uploads, performance zone heatmaps, and more.
  • Applying pre-launch product testing feedback.
    Product testers will provide direct and immediate feedback as they test your product in the field. Collect your data and apply it to your product development process – all on the MESH01 single-platform solution.
  • Creating reliable feedback loops.
    The MESH01 platform simplifies feedback collection and supports visibility across your organization. Quickly and efficiently apply all feedback data to product design, development, merchandising, and marketing, keeping your product creation processes on track.
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What Data Does the MESH01 Product Testing Platform Provide?

You can gather and apply pre-market voice of customer feedback as your testers record their product testing experiences through purpose-built channels including:

  • Activity logs
  • Product testing surveys
  • Image and video uploads
  • Performance zone heatmaps
  • And more

Product testing and feedback data collection is easy to do on the MESH01 product testing platform, leveraging our relevant and reliable tester community.

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Purposeful Product Testing Methods

Using a single-platform, streamlined product testing solution helps brands enhance their product development process by engaging the right product testers fast, and making product testing an efficient step that won’t delay timelines.

  1. Create a new product testing process, or enhance one that has already been established.
  2. Launch product tests quickly and easily, generating feedback on timelines that work at the speed of product development.
  3. Analyze product test results to inform product validation and opportunities for improvement.
  4. Share feedback easily across the right teams and departments.
  5. Make informed decisions for product design, development, marketing, and inventory planning.
  6. Go to market with confidence.
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Conduct effective product testing

Test before launch while sticking to even the tightest product development timelines.

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Product Testing FAQs: Benefits of Pre-Launch Product Testing

  • Why is product testing important?

    Product testing allows you to validate product quality, performance and attributes and identify areas for improvement before launch. When you use reliable product testers who align with your target market, you get critical, real-world feedback that you can efficiently apply to your product development process. Product testing can also catch catastrophic product issues before going to market. This way, you’ll be sure the product you’re launching is exactly what your target audience is looking for.

  • Should friends, family, and coworkers be included in product tests?

    The risks of including family, friends, or colleagues to test your products are that they may not be representative of your target market, may not be qualified to provide feedback on your specific product, may not be honest about their opinions and are often significantly less responsive than product testers. While including friends, family and coworkers may be less concerning with larger sample sizes like concept test surveys, the risks associated with these testers within smaller product tests should be considered.

  • Why should I use the MESH01 product testing platform?

    MESH01 provides a significant advantage for your product testing process by integrating a vast community of relevant and reliable testers and actionable feedback right into a purpose-built product testing platform. With MESH01, you don’t have to recruit and manage qualified testers. MESH01 also houses all feedback data in a single source of truth, so it can be easily shared across teams and stakeholders and efficiently applied to the product development process, keeping operations on track and on time – and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • How does product testing work on the MESH01 platform?

    We’ve broken down the MESH01 product testing process into 5 steps.
    1. Identify your target customers from our vast community of qualified product testers
    2. Efficiently distribute your product to each tester
    3. Receive valuable data about your target customers’ experiences with your product in real-world settings and required conditions
    4. Validate quality, performance and attributes or apply product enhancements before launch
    5. Go to market with the confidence that your product meets the specific needs of your target market

  • What should I look for in a product tester?

    A critical step to ensuring you receive valuable, timely feedback is to confirm that your product testers match your target customer criteria before starting the product testing process. Accessing information beyond simple demographics is essential. To effectively accelerate your accurate product tester recruitment, you’ll need deep tester information, which is available on the MESH01 product testing platform.

    Enhanced Tester Profile Details
    Zero-in on critical tester criteria fast by accessing pre-existing survey data showing details like work environment or attire, shopping habits and more

    Product Tester Activity Details
    Information about lifestyle, activities, level of participation, and frequency of participation in a certain activity or sport allows you to identify a tester who can keep up with your product’s intended use and testing needs.

    Tester Ratings and Reliability
    Don’t just take the tester’s word for it – access constantly-calculated reliability ratings based on previous testing so you know you’re making the best choice for your product assessment.

Choosing the right testers for your product testing assessment is an important step, and ensures your ability to infuse your product with critical voice of the customer feedback and be confident that you’re launching a market-leading product.

Prove out your products through product testing.

Conduct pre-launch product testing and go to market with confidence.

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