There are ways around AI and bad feedback.

AI generated image depicting a robot writing an online review. MESH01

Even though it has been around for some time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for the last couple of years. What has been considered a time-saving and valuable tool, AI can create and influence written and visual content with very little human input or interaction. From the world of academia to the medical world, and from marketing and advertising to making movies, AI is everywhere.

Where AI has proven to be a valuable tool, it has also proven to be a point of contention with people questioning its impact and authenticity. One place in particular is Amazon where more and more reviews are being identified as being written with AI. These occurrences not only misinform potential customers but can have an impact on sales and future product development.

This is a prime example of bad feedback.

However, love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. In the right hands, it can be a benefit. It’s when it’s being used nefariously that it can create conflict. That said, there’s no reason for it to negatively impact your brand.


Sales are a key indicator of how your product is performing. Feedback is the key to knowing if your customers are accepting your product. Online reviews are crucial feedback in our modern world.

However, AI is actively skewing online feedback that brands receive about their products by writing fake reviews. Also, it’s becoming more difficult to identify if an online review is being written by one of your customers or by AI. This inability to confirm authenticity can have negative impacts on your business. That includes product development, product marketing, and product success.

It can also derail plans for product lifecycling as well as keep you from being informed about any areas of improvement for your product. Looking at it from the other angle, these AI-generated reviews can also keep you from knowing how well your product is being received.

It’s all a big mess that makes it very difficult to run a business. However, there is a way to limit and/or eliminate the impact of AI. By helping you talk to your target customers, the MESH01 platform can provide the perfect workaround.

Talk to the Right People

Our platform allows you to communicate with an informed team of testers that you hand-pick. These people are your target customers. They know your brand and know your products. Moreover, because they have brand loyalty and familiarity, they’re more apt to give you honest and impactful feedback.

This feedback can then be bounced off of what you’re reading on Amazon and Google; essentially acting as your control group. With that big picture, you can make informed decisions on the future of your products in the marketplace as well as future projects that lead to successful products.

With the MESH01 platform, you can clear a path through the negative aspects of AI to the right feedback which will lead to brand growth and success.

Connect with us today and let’s see how we can keep your brand on track.