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Managing Data and Reviews

The product development process is both fast-paced and, at times, intense. In the end, if you've done a great job, you'll have created a great product your customers will love. But that doesn't mean your role in the process is over. Once your product hits the market, it's time for the next litmus test and that comes in the form of post-launch feedback. This information is going to be a primary driver of how your product performs in the market.

But managing that data can be a bear.

Customer reviews. Online feedback. Scouring Forums. It's a lot of data and going through all of it is time-consuming. The process is only made more complex by having to sort through the information and distinguish the good feedback from the fodder. All the while, more keeps coming in as the market reacts to your contribution to it.

But all hope is not lost. The MESH01 platform can help you connect with your core customers and define which feedback is beneficial. It allows you to compare the feedback from your target customers to the other feedback you're receiving from outside sources and make decisions based on your findings.

The Social Impact

Consumers make most of their purchasing decisions based on the reviews they read online. In a perfect world, those reviews and feedback would all be either constructive or positive. Unfortunately, that's just not the case. More often than not, you'll find yourself spending hours weeding through online reviews, only to end up with a handful of beneficial feedback that you can use to influence your next project.

Furthermore, it's hard to gauge the actual success of your product with so many voices coming at you all at once. Sure, sales numbers are a surefire way to find out if your product is being received well, but how does that alone help you decide if your product needs improvement? How does it help you decide what your next project should be?

While managing all of that open-market feedback, consider tapping into your target customers through a product testing platform. After all, the most important feedback will come from them. Those people are familiar with your brand and your products and would jump at a chance to interact with you.

The best way to do this is through the MESH01 platform.

Our Platform

The MESH01 platform is designed to help you get the information you need and process it all in one place, at one time. Our platform allows you to interact directly with your core customers. By managing the engagement process, you can ask them questions, ping them for particular feedback, and eliminate the bloat.

Furthermore, if your product hasn't hit the market yet, you can utilize our tester community to provide you with pre-launch feedback through pre-launch product testing. This hands-on process allows you the opportunity to talk to the right people to get the information you need in a timely manner and make any changes you may need to before launch.

At MESH01, our aim is to help you not only sort through this information but to find the feedback you need to make your next move. With the product development process being cyclical, saving time by using our platform allows you to make important decisions regarding your next product quickly, and from an informed standpoint. Managing your data through the MESH01 platform allows you to work efficiently as well, which ultimately helps you bring your next product to market while you're still hot.

See how the world’s top brands are using product testing to go to market with confidence. Download our White Paper and find out how effective and efficient Pre-Launch Product Testing is.

Your customers are the voice of your brand

For any brand, rejection is one of the hardest things to overcome. You launch a product that your team spent considerable time and money on and when it launches, it’s a dud. Or worse; it doesn’t meet the expectations of the consumer.

When this happens, brands go into damage control mode to try and save their reputation. But with the product in the marketplace, there’s not much they can do to save face. Ultimately, they take the loss, go back to the drawing board, and hope that their next product can redeem them.

All the while, brand loyalty suffers until that new product launches. This fact can lead to the company rushing through the project for the replacement product and inevitably compounding the mistakes they previously made.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it all could have been avoided.

The Voice of Your Brand

Your customers are your bread and butter. They buy your product initially because it meets their needs, and, over time, become devoted to you. These are the people you can rely on to leave a good review. These are the people who will buy more products from you. But ultimately, these are the people you should be listening to when it comes to product improvements and new products in general.

In today’s day and age, news travels fast. It’s true, you can’t please all the people all of the time. So, getting a bad review here and there is bound to happen. But when you have people who are loyal to your brand and its products, their support can become the voice of your brand. It’s their enthusiasm and commitment that can help combat bad reviews and help maintain your status in the marketplace.

So how do you tap into this beneficial resource? How do you turn a good review by a great customer into the information that helps influence your next project?

Quite simply: Concept Testing and Pre-Launch Product Testing.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Concept Testing allows you to talk to the right people, near the beginning of the product development process. By reaching out to your core customers this early on, you can get the critical feedback you need to point your project in the right direction.

The MESH01 platform allows you to assemble a team of consumers so you can:

  • Validate your market opportunity.
  • Inform product design.
  • Influence direction and positions.
  • Mitigate the risks of future product returns, unsold inventory, and unhappy customers.
  • Build a database of valuable feedback.

Pre-Launch Product Testing

Pre-Launch Product Testing allows you to get samples of your product in the hands of your consumers before it hits the market. Allowing a select team of your core customers to physically test your product is one of the most authentic forms of validation. What's more, they use their voice to give you critical insight into how your product performs. Depending on your timeline, it might even give you the opportunity to react and correct any issues before launch.

The MESH01 platform allows you to assemble a team of hands-on test experts to:

  • Get immediate results.
  • Confirm that the product performs as intended, in the environment it was intended to perform in.
  • Understand any pain points and give you the opportunity to work them out, pre-launch.
  • Allow you to launch your product into the market confidently.
  • Expand upon your database of valuable feedback.

The MESH01 Experience

Product Development is cyclical meaning that when one project ends another one begins. Having a process in place as well as a wealth of pertinent feedback can only make the process easier, efficient, and more beneficial to your brand.

The MESH01 is a flexible product testing platform. It can provide you access to a team of testers, comprised of your core customers. From there you can create surveys, test processes, and interact with the people who are dedicated to your brand. They'll provide you feedback at the concept level, results from physical tests, as well as prove to be a valuable asset post-launch. This way you'll never skip a beat in the product development cycle.

Connect with us MESH01 today and optimize your product development process so you can get the market results you need to keep your brand growing.

Now that you’ve used MESH01 to successfully launch your latest product, what’s next? 

Navigating Post-launch feedback

Once your product hits the shelves, the obvious thing to do is start looking for customer feedback. That can come in the form of sales numbers, reviews, and even website traffic. All of these are great resources, but they may not be enough. Further, navigating through all of that data can be time-consuming on your own.

Just like with your pre-market research, some of this information can be misleading. For example, new products can sink or swim right out of the gate. But that doesn’t give you a big enough picture of what its success and lifecycle may be. At best, you may only get a snapshot when what you need is a big picture to help you assess your opportunity for success.

Product Development Begins When Product Development Ends

Product development is cyclical. When your product finally hits the market, you should already be thinking about its enhancement, replacement, or a complementary product that could live alongside it in the market. This may sound a little defeating - why should you be looking at sunsetting the product you just launched?

Because that’s how you stay viable in a consumable market. It doesn’t mean that you need to lifecycle your latest product within the next year, it could be five years from now. But all the while you need to be listening for:

  • Consumer feedback
  • Competitive advancements
  • Innovations in your marketplace

Those things are what will lead you to your next successful product launch. But where do you get that info from? Who, on your team, has the bandwidth to take on the heavy lifting of generating that data?

It’s MESH01. Our streamlined platform and integrated product tester community is waiting for you to generate pre- and post-launch product feedback data and access it in a format that will save you time and money, and be a complete snapshot of the landscape around your brand.

The Big Picture

Through the MESH01 Platform, you have the ability to constantly collect data. By creating tests and engaging with our tester community, you can create a clear picture of what your final product should be. But what's more is that you'll be building a collection of reference materials not only for this product, but the next one, the one after that, and so on.

All of the information you collect will be stored in our platform for you to access when you need it, and how you need it. When you need more information, or if you're thrown a curveball in your product development process, you can always reach back out to your team of testers to get more feedback and data.

This information is your most powerful tool. It will help lead to a successful product launch and the growth and success of your brand. It will also keep you plugged in directly to your customers, keeping you informed and helping you plan for the future.

This is the big picture.

MESH01 And The Future of Your Brand

At MESH01 we’re not only helping you find solutions, we’re here to help you find your next opportunity. We're here to help you with navigating the post-launch waters to get you the information you need.

Our integration is full circle, which means that we are with you from the beginning to the end and then back to the beginning again. With all of the information and feedback you have collected and collated, you can also get an idea of the lifecycle of your current product while helping you plan for your next.

We’re always moving the ball for you. The MESH01 Platform ensures that you're taking in as much information as you can and giving you what you ask for. If you need more information, you can lean on our tester community to get it. With their expertise, their feedback can be a beneficial asset to you.

Connect with us today and let’s see what’s really going on with your product now that it’s out in the wild.

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