Pre-Launch Product Testing Validates Brand Efforts

Pre-launch product testing can validate a product before it launches. This will lead to customer satisfaction.

Pre-launch product testing is more popular than ever. By incorporating testing into their product development process brands are realizing the benefits. Not only can they save time and money, but they can also confidently go to market with a product that has been validated. This validation comes from their core customers. It is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction. One that instills confidence that the product being launched represents what customers want.

At MESH01, our community of qualified product testers grows every day. They are a collective group of dedicated people from a wide demographic. They represent different lifestyles, occupations, and hobbies. What’s more, they are eager to work with brands to provide authentic and valuable feedback.

Target Market Product Validation

Our tester community is comprised of over 70,000 members who want to help brands succeed. When joining the MESH01 community, they fill out an extensive profile that indicates where their skills and interests will be best applied. From there, they are invited to participate in tests for brands that would benefit from having them on board.

One week, a tester could be out on the Appalachian Trail helping a brand figure out what’s working and what’s not with a new hiking boot. A few weeks later, they could be testing out a new and revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric. All the while, they are creating experiences with these products and providing feedback.

The overarching goal in this process is to start a conversation between the brand and the product tester and keep it going. Part of that is physical, hands-on tests. Another part is answering questions, uploading photos, and participating in different exercises for the brand. All of this helps to validate the product in question.

Free Advertising vs. Pre-Launch Testing

There are a plethora of brands that use the internet to connect with people who are willing to fill out a survey in return for a free product. This isn’t product testing; it’s free advertising. It’s a smart and effective tactic that helps brands get the word out about products that are usually already available in the marketplace.

It makes sense for some brands to do this because having you fill out a survey and raise awareness is more cost-effective than running an ad campaign for the product.

The Concept and Pre-Launch testing we do at MESH01 is more involved. Instead of testing and reviewing a product that’s already available, our tester community is often working with pre-launch products. They are being tasked to use these new or updated products as intended, in their natural environment.

This opens up the opportunity for a conversation between a brand and its product testers. It’s a direct connection between the two parties that can last as long as one project or over the course of many.

A Relevant, Reliable Product Testing Community

A general misconception is that brands need to wait for their product to be launched to start getting feedback. Using the MESH01 platform, they can access their team of testers as early as the concept phase of their new product. That relationship can continue to the pre-launch product testing phase, and then post-launch. All the while, the testers can provide authentic feedback.

By connecting with these target customers turned dedicated testers, brands can obtain optimal product validation. The MESH01 platform makes product validation easy. Each tester is able to interact with their brand in real-time. As the point of contact for your brand, you control the tests each tester takes as well as the feedback they provide. The whole process is a give-and-take that builds a strong and reliable relationship that takes the guesswork out of your product being a success.

In the end, pre-launch product testing can validate a product before it launches. This will lead to customer satisfaction. If you want to learn more, connect with us today.