Human Interaction = Authentic Feedback

The Pre-launch phase is where the magic happens

Through a recent study, we found that about 70% of brands engaged reported that they “frequently perform formal product testing that includes surveys, data analysis, and reports”. Out of that same group of brands, 80% stated that they see their product testing process changing, innovating, or increasing in the future.

With the average product development timeline spanning between 11-14 months, adding another step in the process is a big ask. However, without pre-launch feedback from pre-launch testing, you could be launching a product into the marketplace that doesn’t meet the standards or preferences of your target audience.

At MESH01, we are leading the charge in pre-launch product testing. Our platform is designed to open up a direct channel of communication between your brand and your core customers. By utilizing this opportunity, you can obtain the feedback you need to make sure you’re launching the right product, at the time, and in the right place.

The Human Touch

By interacting with people outside of your company, you can add a critical layer of authenticity and reassurance which can be invigorating at this point in the process. Up until now, only your colleagues have had the chance to become acquainted with your new product. No matter what their feedback is, be it good or bad, it’s all biased.

Yes, you are the experts of your brand. You know what fits into your product assortment and what this new product needs to be. But, outside of the obvious, you’re likely too close to the product to be able to identify its pros and cons.

By using the MESH01 platform, you can interact with the people who represent your core customers. This will allow your brand to get hands-on experience before the product hits the market and its fate is determined. This can help you make any changes you need to if needed. It can also save you time and money. But the biggest benefit of doing this is that you can rest assured that you’ll have a successful product launch.

Talk To The Right People

A byproduct of relying on your core customers to engage in pre-launch product testing is brand loyalty. These people recognize that you’re relying on them to help your brand launch a successful product. As the people who use these products, they want to help you. It’s human nature. Enlisting them to test out something that they and only a handful of others will get to see, is something of an honor.

At MESH01, our tester community is comprised of product experts, product users, and people who rely on your product. They are the ones who can test your new product in the way it was intended to be used in the environment it is intended to be used in.

A Single Platform to Drive Product Feedback, Innovation, and Speed-to-Market

Product testing has been a part of L.L.Bean’s product development process for more than a century. Before they come to market with a new or updated product, they make sure to identify pain points or room for improvement so that they know that their product will succeed in the marketplace. Part of that process has always been listening to the feedback of their core customers.

Over a decade ago, L.L.Bean partnered with MESH01 to elevate their product testing process. They wanted a single platform that would drive product feedback, innovation, and speed-to-market. The MESH01 platform provided that solution and became an integral part of their product development process.

Today, we continue to work with L.L.Bean. As eCommerce continues to strengthen its foothold as the preferred method of consumer shopping, they have utilized our platform to continue to bring the right products to market. Collectively, and through successful product launches, both brands have seen the importance of human interaction before launch.

Let the Countdown Begin

Once you’ve completed the pre-launch product testing phase and adopted any necessary changes, you’re ready to launch. This is the part where, if you’ve followed the process, and listened to your customers, all of your efforts will pay off.

For the first half of 2024, we’re going to be releasing informed content related to the Product Development process. We feel that there’s never been a better time than right now to share the tenets of this process, as well as our experience with it and how we’re prepared to help your brand take it on, head-on.

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