Ideas are the beginning of everything.

Ideas are the beginning of the Product Development process.

Creating a new product for your brand might mean updating something already in the marketplace. It could also mean that you’re introducing something new. No matter what the situation is, it starts with an idea.

New product ideas can be something you thought about in the shower. Or they can be something you’ve rolled around for a while and are finally ready to bring to the table. Either way, the ideation phase is the first and most important step in the process.

Feedback is a critical piece of this phase.

Embrace Feedback

The ideation process can be time-consuming. It’s also very easy for this part of the process to take a project off-course. Thankfully, this early in the project timeline, taking a little more time isn’t as critical as missing something down the line. This is where feedback can play a major role in crafting that idea into something you can work with.

The type of feedback that you can pick up at this part in the process is free of the market static. Workshopping your ideas with the right people isn’t the same as reading reviews on Amazon. The feedback you receive during this time is going to be the most reliable source of information you receive, outside of your company.

By consulting with a team comprised of your core customers, you’re able to gather information from people who are already familiar with your brand. These are people who have real-life experience with the idea for the product you’re sharing with them. More than likely, they also will have insight into similar products already on the market. Their input is valuable because of its raw authenticity.

The MESH01 platform takes feedback and puts it all in one, organized space. This makes it easy for you to go through and find the pros and cons of your idea. What’s more, this feedback is coming from your core customers – our product tester team. These are the people who are using your product as it is intended. So, even at the ideation level, they’re the people you want to be talking to as they’re ones ripe for vetting your new product concept.

Concept Testing

Whether you’ve worked with MESH01 in the past or not, we’re here to help you hit the ground running. Our concept testing platform is designed to help your team distinguish between a product idea and a product idea that your customers will love. It’s the purest form of validation. This is also the perfect time to identify product trends that can help influence this project as well as future projects.

Utilizing the MESH01 platform and our tester community, you can confidently push past the ideation stage of product development. You’ll move on with something that meets or exceeds the demands of your core customer base. Then it’s on to the research phase where you’ll find out if there’s a place in the market for what your idea will become.

For the first half of 2024, we’re going to be releasing informed content related to the Product Development process. We feel that there’s never been a better time than right now to share the tenets of this process, as well as our experience with it and how we’re prepared to help your brand take it on, head-on.

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