Concept Testing

The Right Direction, Right Away

Our single-platform solution allows you to generate tester feedback and identify the right direction, designs or branding – even research and confirm persona attributes – to strengthen your product positioning strategies so you can seamlessly go from product concept to product success.

Talk to the Right People

Survey the customers in your target market who would actually use your new products. Our community of 50,000 product testers spans a vast array of personas and segments and can be narrowed by specific bio-attributes, including demographic information, sizing and even detailed insights into their interests and activities.

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Launch Targeted Surveys, Fast

Our platform is designed to make concept testing quick and easy, which means it helps you efficiently conduct surveys and interpret the results.

  • Powerful enough for seasoned marketing analysts, intuitive enough for the do-it-yourselfers
  • No tedious emailing and tracking – surveys launch in minutes and collecting and exploring results happens right in the platform
  • Collaboration is easy across departments so the right people can be involved at the right time
  • Flexible and concise reporting features help your company easily analyze and share actionable results so you can take informed next steps
  • No technology patchwork – the single testing platform and integrated community helps your company cut down on clicks

Collect Valuable Market Insights

Enhance the front-end of your product development process by researching your opportunity and measuring your target market’s appetite for your product concepts. Combine that information with your concept testing results for complete validation of your market opportunity, and to approach the product testing phase with a fully vetted concept.

Be Confident In Your Products

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