Find the Right Product Direction Right Away with a Data-Driven Concept Testing Platform

Capture valuable voice of the customer feedback on your product concept with our intuitive platform and targeted, reliable community of product and concept testers.

The MESH01 Concept and Product Testing Platform: Enhance Your Product Development Process

A concept testing platform plays a pivotal role in your product life cycle. It helps your team distinguish between a product idea, and a product idea that your customers will love.

The true barometer of success is your customer. Seek their feedback at the beginning of the product development cycle to ensure the product you’re planning to launch is set up for success.

Product Development Begins with Concept Testing

In product development and merchandising, the future success of a product life cycle is critically linked to the concept stage. The concept test aspect of that stage enables you to validate your market opportunity, inform product design, direction and positioning, and mitigate the risks of future product returns, unsold inventory, and unhappy customers.

Validate your product with concept testers who fit your target market with new data-driven concept-centric product testing on the MESH01 platform.

  • Generate actionable tester feedback on product concepts via concept test survey data.
  • Identify the right product design, attributes, positioning, and more.
  • Implement findings from efficient concept test methods designed to fit within the product development timeline.


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Leverage Concept Test Best Practices on the MESH01 Platform

Leverage the MESH01 platform and leverage concept test best practices for an enhanced product development process. When you take advantage of a product concept test solution with an integrated product tester community, you can immediately generate critical voice of the customer feedback on product design, positioning, branding and more at the start of your product life cycle.

Concept testing best practices using MESH01:

Identify qualified testers.

The MESH01 concept and product testing platform has an integrated community of relevant and reliable product testers who can quickly provide directional market feedback on your new product concept.

Target testers by specific qualities.

Using MESH01, you can identify best-fit concept testers by their activities and interests, as well as their level of participation, preferred shopping habits, and more – all to ensure they can provide the most actionable feedback on your new product concept.

Collect and apply concept testing data.

Receive timely, valuable concept test feedback from targeted testers and easily apply the data-driven findings to your product development process.

The MESH01 Impact

Start With a Concept Survey

A concept survey allows you to get feedback on your product concepts from customers in your target market. Concept tests are fast and easy to launch, allowing you to test your product concepts even on tight product development timelines. Find the right product direction right away and invest only in the product concepts with validated opportunity.

The MESH01 concept test platform gives you the power to launch concept surveys to highly-targeted testers and collect results quickly and easily, all in one place.

  • Replace tedious emailing and tester tracking.
  • Generate, analyze and share voice of the customer feedback in a single source of truth.
  • Discover how easy a product concept test engagement can be on a platform that is intuitive enough for product creation do-it-yourselfers, but powerful enough for seasoned analysts.
Mesh01 software

Contemporary Concept Testing Methods

Implementing reliable concept testing methods helps teams avoid developing suboptimal products by identifying the right product direction right away. With technology designed specifically for product development, the concept test process has become an integral part of pre-market testing and product validation that won’t delay timelines.

  1. Identify your target customers from a vast community of relevant product concept testers.
  2. Validate your market opportunity through concept surveys distributed to targeted testers.
  3. Generate valuable data about your target customers’ preferences and key drivers of product interest.
  4. Easily pass or fail product concepts and invest in proven product directions.
  5. Capture rankings for multiple design directions, features, and attributes.
  6. Develop optimized product positioning, naming, pricing, and more.
Harness feedback to develop better products.

Kick Off Product Development With A Concept Test

Enhance your product life cycle by applying concept test procedures to assess your product opportunities by measuring your customers’ interest and purchase drivers. This step provides directional validation for your product development process from the start.

  1. Combine early product market research with your test findings for a complete picture of your product opportunity.
  2. Use concise reporting to analyze and share actionable survey results and take informed next steps.
  3. Approach your product testing phase with a validated concept you can invest in with confidence.
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Master concept and product testing

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Concept Testing FAQs: Benefits of a Concept Testing Platform

  • Why is concept testing important?

    The main objective of concept testing is to validate that a new product concept has appropriate market demand and is designed to drive customer interest and purchases. A new product concept test confirms that you should move forward with product development and into the product testing phase – and that level of validation is easy to achieve with the MESH01 platform.

  • Should coworkers, friends, or family be included in new product concept testing?

    If you’re using people in your immediate circle to provide feedback on your product concepts, it’s important to consider that they may not be truly representative of your target consumer, and they may not be completely honest with you. This is especially concerning with concept tests that may use smaller sample sizes. Be confident in the feedback you’re receiving, and pressure test your concept with the right people.

  • What’s the benefit of using an integrated panel like the MESH01 tester community?

    With MESH01’s tester community of qualified concept and product testers, you can use deeper lifestyle, purchase behavior and activity participation data to identify those who best represent your target customers and will give you the most valuable feedback. Conversely, putting your products in front of a generic panel for testing can risk the quality and relevance of concept survey feedback.

    With a dedicated community of product testers, you get the benefit of:
    – Matching tester demographics, bio-attributes, profession, activities, and purchase preferences with your product’s market and intended use.
    – Engaging the right testers quickly, so you can test numerous concept directions before committing to product development.

  • Why should I use a concept test platform?

    A concept test platform, like MESH01, provides a significant advantage for your concept testing process by integrating a vast community of relevant and reliable concept testers right into the platform along with all feedback data in a single source of truth. An experienced concept test platform also streamlines the distribution of voice of the customer feedback across teams, keeping products and operations on track and on time – and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • How does concept testing work on the MESH01 platform?

    We’ve broken down the MESH01 concept test process into 5 steps.
    1. Define your concept testing objective
    2. Target your sample
    3. Gather your concepts
    4. Create your survey
    5. Launch your concept test

  • What should I look for in a concept tester?

    Accessing information beyond simple demographics is essential. To recruit testers efficiently and effectively, you’ll need deep tester information like:

    Enhanced Tester Profile Details
    Zero-in on critical tester criteria fast by accessing pre-existing survey data showing details like work environment or attire, shopping habits, and more.

    Product Tester Activity Details
    Information about lifestyle, activities, level of participation, and frequency of participation in a certain activity or sport allows you to identify a tester who can provide the most accurate feedback on your product concept.

    Tester Ratings and Reliability
    Don’t just take the tester’s word for it. Access constantly-calculated reliability ratings based on previous testing so you know you’re making the best choice for your concept survey.

Choosing the right testers for your concept survey is an important step. Infuse your product development process with valuable voice of the customer feedback and be confident that you’re launching a market-leading product.

Validate your product concepts with concept testing.

Conduct new product concept testing and go to market with confidence.

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