Enhance Your Concept Testing Process

The Right Direction, Right Away

The MESH01 platform and integrated product tester community help you launch a valuable concept testing process that points your product in the right direction based on survey-generated feedback from your target customers.

The Process of Product Development Begins with Concept Testing

In product development and merchandising, the success of a product is critically linked to the concept testing process, when you’re able to validate your market opportunity, inform product definition and mitigate the risk of a failed product launch.

Going to market with an untested product means it hasn’t been validated by your target audience – and you could be missing a market opportunity that concept testing would have identified. Get validation from testers who fit your target market with concept testing on the MESH01 platform.

  • Receive actionable tester feedback on product concepts via survey data
  • Identify the right product positioning, designs, or branding
  • Quickly optimize your product development to hit tight timelines
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Concept Testing Starts With a Survey

Surveying your coworkers, friends, or even loyal customers simply won’t tell the whole story. The MESH01 platform gives you the power to launch targeted surveys and collect results quickly and easily, all in one place.

  • Replace tedious emailing and tracking. Concept testing surveys launch in minutes and results can be collected and reviewed right in the platform.
  • Achieve operational efficiency across departments with visibility among the right teams through the MESH01 single-platform solution.
  • Discover how easy your concept testing process can be on a platform that is intuitive enough for product creation do-it-yourselfers, but powerful enough for seasoned marketing analysts.

Apply Product Market Research

Enhance the front-end of your product development process by applying product market research to assess your opportunity and measure your target market’s interest in your product concepts. This step is an important complement to concept testing as it provides a layer of directional validation for your product direction.

  • Combine early product market research with your concept testing results for a complete picture of your product opportunity.
  • Use concise reporting to analyze and share actionable survey results and take informed next steps.
  • Approach your product testing phase with a fully-tested concept you can invest in with confidence.
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How to do Concept Testing

The main objective of concept testing is to ensure you should move forward with product development and into the product testing phase with the confidence that your product has market demand and is designed the way your customers want. If you’re wondering how to do concept testing, it’s easy on the MESH01 product testing platform.

  1. Identify your target customers from our vast community of qualified product testers
  2. Validate your market opportunity through concept surveys distributed to your ideal testers
  3. Receive valuable data about your target customers’ preferences and key drivers of interest
  4. Easily pass or fail product concepts and focus on the best opportunities that fit with your concept testing feedback data
  5. Generate rankings for multiple design directions, features, and attributes
  6. Develop optimized product positioning, naming, and pricing

This entire process is easy to conduct on the MESH01 single-platform product testing solution, integrated with a tester community over 50,000 strong.

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Why Do I Need a Community of Concept Testers?

Rather than put your products in front of family, friends, or colleagues, pressure test it in its intended market with qualified testers who fit your target customers and will use your product the way it’s designed to be used.

  • Match tester demographics, bio-attributes, profession, activities, and purchase preferences with your product’s market and intended use
  • Engage the right testers quickly, so you can test numerous directions before committing to product development

Just like that, you’ve infused valuable voice of the customer feedback into your concept testing phase, and you’re ready to move forward with confidence.

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Be Confident in Your Product Concepts

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