Again in 2023, our community of product testers has continued to work hand-in-hand with top brands to create extraordinary products by providing feedback that goes way beyond the ordinary survey panel. What makes the MESH01 Product Tester Community so special? You! This year, we continued to highlight some of the amazing and unique stories from our community – check out our MESH01 Tester Spotlights of 2023!

Jordan Goodrich

Jordan Goodrich, MESH01 Tester

Meet Jordan!

Jordan has been a tester with MESH01 since 2017. Jordan is a hiker, and whether hiking to the highest peak in the state or a nice stroll through old-growth forests, he always makes time to explore the outdoors. In addition to hiking, Jordan also loves mountain biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, walking along the coast for lost treasure… and most recently rock climbing!

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April Armijo

April Armijo, MESH01 Tester

Meet April!

April has been a MESH01 tester since 2018. As a Sierra Club Leader, she loves to backpack and tries to go at least once a month. When she’s not backpacking, she enjoys hiking, paddleboarding, and paddling outrigger canoes for Dana Outrigger Canoe Club.

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Michael Wilson – Parent Product Tester

Meet Michael!

Michal has been with MESH01 since 2020. Michael loves the outdoors and is grateful to have a job that allows him to share his love for the outdoors with others. Through MESH01, Michael has even been able to share his product testing experience with his children! Now they both share the love for trying new products together.

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Jennifer Markwell – Parent Product Tester

Jennifer Markwell, MESH01 Parent Product Tester

Meet Jennifer!

Jennifer has been a MESH01 product tester since 2022. She is passionate about helping others and educating women in finance. Jennifer loves to spend time with her family. Through MESH01, Jennifer and her children have been able to test new products together and connect through their product experiences.

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Jessie Marsters – Parent Product Tester

Jessie Marster, MESH01 Parent Procut Tester

Meet Jessie!

Jessie has been a product tester with us since 2014. She is the mother to four teenage boys and her house is rarely ever quiet! But she wouldn’t change it for the world. She has shared some great testing experiences with her sons on MESH01, as it’s an exciting and fun experience for the whole family. Being a mom to four boys, definitely stays active! She’s currently working on her AMC New England 4,000 Footers summit list and hopes to hike many more soon. At the time of her spotlight, Jessie had already completed 15 of them! In addition to hiking, she also enjoys photography and volunteering for a non-profit organization called Safe Families for Children.

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Emily Hardwick – Parent Product Tester

Emily Hardwick, MESH01 Parent Product Tester

Meet Emily!

Emily has been a tester at MESH01 since 2019. She loves to garden, cook, bake, and play board games, not to mention going four-wheeling, playing volleyball, and hiking/walking! Emily is also a huge animal lover and owns four Golden Retrievers! One of her biggest accomplishments though is being a mother. Through that, parent product testing on MESH01 has brought about new discoveries and excitement for her whole family!

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Karla Noble

Karla Noble, MESH01 Tester

Meet Karla!

Karla has been a tester for MESH01 since 2015. She loves to spend as much time outdoors as possible. In the winter she spends a large part of her days snowboarding with family and friends, as well as snowshoeing, running, and playing in the snow with her dogs. In the summer, she fills her days with family, too. Some of her favorite activities include mountain biking, hiking, trail running, camping, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, rollerblading, fishing, weight training, or kayaking! Through MESH01 she has been able to discover products that improve her experiences during her favorite activities – without the trial and error of purchasing products that sometimes aren’t the right fit.

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Liam Dee – Athlete

Liam Dee, MESH01 Athlete Tester

Meet Liam!

Liam has been a tester with MESH01 since 2022. He is a long-distance runner. He competes on the track, cross-country, and on road in any race from the 1500m up to (soon) the half marathon. One of his greatest accomplishments includes breaking the 4-minute mile with his father, and becoming the tenth duo to ever do so!

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Daniel Murphy – Athlete

Daniel Murphy, MESH01 Athlete Tester

Meet Daniel!

Daniel has been a tester with MESH01 since 2022. Daniel previously ran track and cross country at the University of Iowa and is currently training for road races. For Daniel, a great product is extremely important! He believes that while training at a high level, high-quality and well-researched products (especially running shoes) can enhance training, reduce injuries, and provide opportunities for athletes to reach their highest potential. Since graduating, he’s also picked up other activities including pickleball, basketball, disc golf, and bike riding!

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Lily Darbishire

Lily Darbishire, MESH01 Tester

Meet Lily!

Lily has been a MESH01 tester since 2017. Lily loves to be outside! Whether it’s long-distance road cycling, hiking out in the Colorado sunshine, gardening, weightlifting, long walks, yoga, or playing with her two dogs! Lily is passionate about health and human science. She recently received her master’s degree in public health in 2018 and her PhD in nutrition science at Purdue University in 2022!

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Sarah Gausman

Sarah Gausman, MESH01 Tester

Meet Sarah!

Sarah has been a MESH01 tester since 2022. She loves to stay up to date with the latest trends, emerging products, and technology. She keeps up with industry news and engages with online communities related to these passions – which ultimately led her to find MESH01! Sarah also loves to go on all sorts of adventures from hiking and hunting to traveling the world!  Sarah will be heading to Thailand for her newest adventure soon!

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Jason George

Jason George, MESH01 Tester

Meet Jason!

Jason has been a MESH01 Tester since 2017. Jason loves to stay active. Some of his favorite activities include triathlons, mountain biking, road biking, skateboarding, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, helping coach his son’s baseball team, tennis, rock climbing, and backpacking (specializing in winter guided backpacking trips). Additionally, Jason loves spending time with his sons and giving back to his community.

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Shawn Rice

Meet Shawn!

Shawn has been a MESH01 Tester since 2022! Shawn loves being outdoors! In the wintertime, he enjoys weekends in the Northeast snowboarding and taking in the breathtaking scenery the mountains have to offer. In the summertime, he still enjoys taking trips to the mountains and enjoying the views, just without the snowboard!

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Bring On 2024!

Thank you to our entire MESH01 Product Tester Community! In 2023, we’ve hit remarkable milestones, and we’re now looking forward to another year of changing products for the better. After all, you are the driving force behind product innovation. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead!

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