A Product Research and Testing Platform Helps Any Company Make Better Products

All products have one very important similarity–they all end up in the hands of the customer. Without a doubt, you want your customers to have a good experience with your product, and come to value not just what you have made, but your brand as a whole. That’s where a product research and testing platform comes in.

When products are successful, they meet the needs and expectations of the target customer. Exceeding your customer’s expectations is what can set your brand apart from your competition.

Developing and improving a product to meet your customer’s expectations can be a complex process, but if a product research and testing platform isn’t driving that process, your efforts might be all for naught.

Whether your company makes apparel, headphones, grills, or towels, a product research and testing platform ensures your product will fit into your customers’ lives in the most useful, beneficial, and satisfying way.

Real User Feedback for Your Product Comes From Product Research and Testing

Let’s take it back to the very first phase of product development: research. In this phase, you want to be gathering all inputs and insights to understand what exactly you should be creating to fit the market need.

If you’re looking to develop a new kitchen gadget, for example, your company would research everything from functional details and attributes to its look and feel. This front-end phase helps you create a blueprint for your product and a development path to follow.

What this phase should also include is feedback from actual users who can provide unique insights at this critical idea stage.

Using a product research and testing platform in the Research + Ideation phase allows you to engage communities of real users who can provide valuable feedback in several key ways:

  • Discover specific customer needs to inform new product opportunities
  • Provide greater detail about how customers use specific products
  • Inform product details, attributes and positioning
  • Validate concepts by reviewing sketches or mock-ups
  • Uncover issues before they hurt your product in the market

Right at the outset, a product research and testing platform provides greater value than developing a product in a bubble.

This type of user community access is also highly valuable in the Product Testing phase of your product creation process. These target customers can test your product by using it, wearing it, or applying it to real-world situations. No matter what product you’ve created, real-life testing is invaluable and goes way beyond traditional market research.

Take advantage of product testing feedback about your product’s performance, as well as additional key insights:

  • Uncover design or performance imperfections that could lead to markdowns or high return rates
  • Identify critical changes that need to be made before launch to ensure success in the market for strong sales and brand image

With this type of valuable feedback, you can ensure greater brand loyalty with products that deliver great customer experiences.

Leveraging a Product Development Platform in the Launch Phase

If you do use a product development platform for your product development process, you’ll be glad to know it can also provide great benefits at Product Launch. You already have an informed and tested product based on valuable input from real users. Now, you can use that validation to help propel your product into the market.

80 percent of customers look to reviews when making buying decisions. By using a product research and testing platform, you will:

  • Go to market with great testimonials from real users backing up the why-to-buy.
  • Overcome the challenge of reaching customers who are marketed to almost endlessly.
  • Be able to speak to your customers about the product attributes that matter to them most–because you’ll know.

No matter what product your company makes, a product research and testing platform can get your product to market successfully with the real-world feedback necessary to meet customer needs. After all, there’s no substitute for getting feedback on your ergonomic office chair from different people working in different office settings in the real world.

A great customer experience is every company’s goal. Reach it every time with a product research and testing platform.