Give Your Product a Running Start at Launch with Tester-Generated Content

Don’t Wait for Customers to Buy Your Product to Get Sales-Boosting Content

Customers rely on customer reviews. Many love leaving them, and most love reading them to validate a purchase decision.

The numbers are compelling. 93% of customers say they’re influenced by online reviews. Product reviews are about sharing experiences and in today’s robust online community, customers feel free to be vocal and want to be helpful.

But your brand doesn’t have to wait for customers to buy and use your products to begin generating that valuable content.

Go to Market with Real User-Generated Content That Will Help Propel Sales

We’re not talking about gaming the system. We’re talking about soaking up all the value from your product testing process which engages real customers in your target audience to use your product and then provide genuine feedback and content, including quotes, testimonials, photos, and even video. This type of “tester-generated content” can prove invaluable at launch, which is such a critical time to build interest and momentum.

The idea is simple.

Recruit real customers through an online product tester community like MESH01.

Get your product into the field for product testing.

Gather images, testimonials, quotes, and more during the product test to use in your product pages and more.

Even if the product test reveals the need for additional tweaks to the design, you still have valuable validating content to bolster your product when it goes to market.

Why Not Just Rely on Reviews Following Product Launch?

Each year, about 30,000 new products are launched. Of those, the vast majority fail. Why? Chiefly, lack of preparation before launch and a lack of internal collaboration.

A Gartner survey found that 45% of product launches are delayed, and of those, 20% fail to meet internal targets. With so many moving parts it’s understandable that launching a product comes with significant challenges. While some may argue that product testing in and of itself can take time and lead to delays, we counter that 1) using a streamlined platform-driven solution that leverages a community of product testers can drastically cut down on testing time, making It possible even on tight development calendars, and 2) doing the work up front minimizes costly or time-consuming product fixes – or even recalls – following launch.

Given these challenges, there is an obvious reason to take advantage of a technology-driven product testing platform that provides your brand with a testing community you can leverage for a more successful launch.

One of the most compelling ways to establish confidence in your product is with real-life images of real people using it, and accompanying quotes validating its value.

After all, product launches shouldn’t be a high-risk gamble.

Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Your Target Audience

Regardless of the amount of market research, you’re likely conducting to validate your product in the market, there tends to still be a gap to cross to the actual customer.

Lab testing simply isn’t the same as putting products in the hands of the people who are actually going to use them in the real world.

Using a community of product testers puts you in the driver’s seat of product development.

  • Make better decisions early enough in the process to make changes before your product hits the market.
  • Learn about your product from the real-use insights of your target audience.
  • Get one step ahead of the competition by bringing a product to market that’s researched on the marketing side and on the testing side.
  • Accumulate reviews, testimonials, and images before your product hits the market.

Product reviews are invaluable – and the higher quality they are, the better.

While the point of product testing certainly isn’t to solely generate marketing content, you can have your cake and eat it too. Your product and brand will only benefit from the added boost of validation at a most critical time – right at product launch.

Tell a better story right off the bat.

Learn more about how the MESH01 Community of qualified product testers can create a successful product testing phase and a boost at launch. Contact us today.