Breathe New Life into Existing Products Through Product Testing

Testing products isn’t just critical for new items you’re planning to launch. The testing process can be invaluable for existing products nearing the end of their lifecycle, too.

Testing products already in your inventory allows you to identify areas for improvement and enhancement that will update these products to meet customers’ evolving needs. Through product testing, your brand can take customer favorites and continue to generate sales.

And if your brand is struggling to move through a style (or styles), you can put that overstock to good use by allocating units to product testing for direct and comprehensive customer feedback.

Even Your Best-Selling Products Should Evolve With Your Customers

If your company has a popular product that has always generated strong sales and has been a key attraction for customers, it might already be time to conduct product testing to identify areas for future improvement.

We understand this idea may seem counterintuitive – why fix something that isn’t broken? 

While your product remains unchanged, trends, materials, manufacturing processes, and the buying habits of your customers are all changing, which impacts their demands and expectations and will eventually impact your key item sales. 

Further, eCommerce solutions have made it easier than ever for customers to get in-depth product information, read reviews, and try something new if they’re no longer completely satisfied with your brand’s product. So, staying ahead of customer expectations has never been more important.

There is always value in listening to your customers, and even though your beloved product may still be their preferred purchase, there are more than likely several areas of fit, design, or functionality that could change with the times.

Upgrade Popular Products With Product Testing

Leveraging a product testing platform like MESH01 allows you to accomplish several steps critical to testing products from new prototypes to proven items, all in one place. 

  • Select testers who fit your target audience from a community of more than 50,000 reliable product testers
  • Easily generate survey results from multiple surveys per test
  • View actionable tester feedback fast on a single platform
  • Quickly analyze and apply results to improve products

You can even build an ideal sub-community of testers that closely align with your product’s intended use (target customers or muses). For example, if you’re testing a hiking boot, you can identify testers who not only hike, but hike in the specific conditions and for the distances you need to get relevant feedback on your boot’s performance and durability. 

Once your proven product is in the hands of your curated tester community, the MESH01 platform enables you to receive multi-channel feedback:

  • Detailed digital surveys
  • Performance heat zone mapping
  • Image and video uploads
  • Activity logs and more

Now you can identify key item updates that can help you avoid a sales decline, out-compete competitive products, and elevate customer satisfaction. 

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Testing Products All on One Platform

When you conduct product testing using a single-platform solution, you can streamline the product development process in several ways:

  • Recruit and engage testers all in one place
  • Manage multi-channel feedback within a single dashboard
  • Easily scale to accommodate larger testing programs 
  • Share feedback data across operational teams
  • Enhance visibility into your entire product development process

Don’t lose market share or risk sales declines on legacy, high-performing products. Leverage valuable product feedback right away to enhance the product development process and elevate your market-leading products.