With the end of summer ’21 fast approaching, the world will be putting another season altered by COVID-19 in its rearview. And while these past 16-plus months have brought difficulty, uncertainty, and loss, there are also positive changes happening in our communities as more American families seek recreation outdoors.

Like most change, this uptick is bringing new perspectives. This includes concerns over increased participation and the impacts of that increased usage of public lands. In fact, just a few days ago, Outdoor Retailer (which will soon be hosting its first in-person show since lockdowns began) published an article on “the long-term impacts of loving the outdoors to death.”

But as the country continues to grapple with challenging change, more families will be incorporating the positive effects of time spent outdoors into their lives – and many in lasting ways.

In this Trend Insight, we explore the expectations, preferences, and shopping habits of families spending time together outside.

This survey was conducted by MESH01 and originally appeared in the August 2021 issue of Outdoor Insight

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