In the realm of fashion, the task of outfitting women of diverse body types is no small task. It’s a multifaceted endeavor far beyond merely crafting something aesthetically pleasing. The concept of simplistic sizing is obsolete, and brands are attuned to this evolution. As sizing standards continue to evolve, it can take time for shoppers to adjust. Let’s delve into the nuances of women’s apparel sizing, starting with straight sizing, extended sizing and beyond.

What is a Straight Size?

Straight sizes refer to small (S) through large (L) for women or sizes 0-14. U.S. brands and retailers commonly offer straight sizes.

What is the Difference Between Extended Sizing and Plus Sizes?

A shopper evaluates different plus sizing and extended sizing apparel

Extended sizes are often based on the foundational pattern of straight sizes, which is commonly a medium. They are written as XXS, XS, XL, or XXL, etc. These sizes maintain a similar silhouette to straight sizes, with adjustments to accommodate varying body dimensions.

Designed specifically for those with fuller waists, plus sizes are tailored to accommodate a demographic with distinct body proportions. Beyond adjusting a hip-to-waist ratio, the product creation process for plus sizes considers the differences in body shapes accompanying size increments. These sizes are typically labeled as 1X, 2X, 3X, and so on. While numeric sizes fall within the range of 18W to 24W. Recognizing the distinction between extended and plus sizes is crucial to grasping the specialized patterns crafted for each category.

What About Petite and Tall Sizes?

In essence, petite and tall sizing revolve around height variation. Regular sizes typically accommodate women between 5’4” to 5’8”. In contrast, petite sizes often cater to individuals who are 5’4″ and under. What sets petite apart is the shorter sleeves, hemlines, inseams, and rises of its items. Tall sizes often cater to individuals who are 5’8″ and over. They offer extended inseams and sleeve lengths and lower hemlines, providing a better fit for taller individuals.

Three women wearing clothing from straight sizes to extended sizes

Size Grading

So how do brands determine these sizes? Through a process called grading, manufacturers meticulously craft garments based on standardized body measurements. Typically, this begins with sample sizes, such as a medium for straight sizes and extended sizing, or a 1X for plus sizes. Other sizes are derived through grading, which usually involves adding or subtracting fabric.

How Feedback from the MESH01 Product Tester Community Helps Brands Understand Women’s Apparel Sizing

Brands recognize the diversity of body types and the importance of inclusive sizing. MESH01 allows brands to engage directly with their customers and gather valuable insights into sizing preferences and fit. With a relevant and reliable community of testers providing feedback on fit, comfort, quality, and performance, brands are destined to better accommodate their target audience.

MESH01 enables testers to select from a vast variety of sizes -from extended sizing to plus sizing- and input their measurements when setting up their MESH01 product tester profile. This process ensures that brands gain insights into the exact fit and sizing variations across different body types and dimensions during the testing process while also providing a comprehensive understanding of their target audience’s needs and preferences.

Through pre-market product testing, brands can refine their designs, ensuring they align with consumer expectations and address any issues identified during testing. From assessing fit to evaluating design elements, this feedback loop empowers brands to create clothing that looks good, feels comfortable, and flatters all body types.

As size inclusivity grows, brands demonstrate their commitment to delivering clothing that caters to consumers’ diverse needs. The MESH01 Product Tester Community helps brands gather the necessary feedback to refine their products, ensuring quality and inclusivity across all shapes and sizes.