Be Part of Product Testing for Kids’ Sports Shoes and Other Footwear

For all the footwear options available to adults, there is less diversification in the children’s footwear industry, including among kids’ sports shoes. Parents looking to buy their kids the same shoe brand they use may hit a roadblock, finding the brand doesn’t make a kids version or the style they’d prefer. However, footwear brands are rapidly expanding in the children’s footwear market, and this post explores one of the critical aspects of designing any kids’ product – testing.

The Growing Children’s Footwear Market

Until recently, and even still, there are fewer options for kids’ sports shoes that account for the movements kids make during activities and the impact that physical growth and development in general can have on the body.

A recent study found that there is a need for further progress in children’s footwear science and our understanding of the interaction between a child’s foot and their shoe. It goes on to state that children’s footwear is critical for protecting children’s feet as they advance their movements and behaviors, and grow and develop, which impacts foot shape and size.

More generic or standardized children’s shoe designs may not sufficiently address these concerns.

However, we are seeing changes in the industry. Modern Retail reports that certain adult performance footwear brands are exploring new children’s footwear lines with the goals of enhancing the way kids engage in their favorite activities and supporting their growth spurts. The same is happening beyond kids’ sports shoes, too.

These are important strides in the children’s footwear industry, and a firm understanding of the relationship between foot and shoe discussed in the above study will be integral to brands’ success in this market. Beyond testing in the footwear lab, getting prototypes and samples on children’s feet is a critical way to collect essential product experience data.

How Parents Can Help Brands Build Better Footwear for Kids

Parent participation is critical for getting children involved in the footwear product testing process. 

The best way to make it happen? Parents can join the MESH01 parent tester community to take part in product tests that fit with the interests and lifestyles of parents and children. 

  • Participate in product tests relevant to a child’s age, sizing, interests, and lifestyle.
  • Provide feedback about the product experience.
  • Provide honest feedback that is on time to ensure brands can follow their product development timelines.
  • Stick with the product test requirements through to the end. 
  • Enjoy an opportunity to keep tested products.
kids' sports shoes

Parent and child testing feedback on children’s footwear and other products not only helps specific brands, it enhances the children’s footwear market overall.

How Brands Can Integrate Parent Product Testing Into Their Children’s Footwear Line

Brands can leverage valuable voice of the customer feedback from parent product testers and their children to accomplish several important footwear product development goals:

  • Gain a clear understanding of how the children’s shoe performs in the environments for which it was designed.
  • Improve an existing children’s footwear product to better fit ongoing development and growth.
  • Identify opportunities in the children’s footwear that can serve different movements and body types.

Whether brands have an existing children’s shoe or are looking to expand into the children’s footwear market, product testing provides an ideal opportunity to create a better product for the developing and growing foot. 

Plus, tested products are backed by the most important audiences – the customer and their parents. Pre-launch product testing ensures the product is supported by those individuals who will be making the final purchase decision – plus, it builds brand loyalty, increases product quality, and elevates sales. 

Testing Kids’ Sports Shoes Using the MESH01 Platform

Interested parents can register on the MESH01 Parent Product Tester page. As a parent product tester on MESH01, you’ll be eligible to participate in kids’ product tests with many of the world’s most recognizable brands. 

Brands looking to explore or enhance a children’s footwear line will find the MESH01 platform to be an easy and efficient way to collect valuable voice of the customer data and inform product development, even on the tightest timelines. 

Parent product testing is also a great idea for any product, including apparel and other items. Voice of the customer feedback is always a valuable way to improve products and launch products your customers want and that fit their needs. 

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