Shape The Future Of Products Through Concept Testing

As a MESH01 Product Tester, you play a defining role in the future of products, and we aren’t exaggerating. You have the unique opportunity to provide insights and direction to world-class brands during the early stages of their product development processes. This collaboration ultimately creates products that meet (or exceed) the expectations of customers. Through MESH01 Concept Testing, you can access ideas and designs before they even hit the shelves. In this post, we will review how your feedback and role as a MESH01 Product Tester help brands confidently bring their ideas to life. 

First, Be Findable. 

The concept testing stage of the product creation process helps brands identify promising product ideas and directions that set the paths for bringing successful products to market. Before these ideas are developed further, brands look to test their concepts with you! 

Some key reasons brands test their concepts with their target customers include: 

  • Identifying trends close to product development 
  • Validating new product opportunities 
  • Understanding customer preferences and drivers of interest 
  • Passing or failing product concepts before further development investment 
  • Prioritizing features and attributes 
  • Optimizing product positioning, including naming, descriptions, and pricing 

Brands want to hear from their target audience early on to minimize time wasted on products bound for failure. When looking for product concept validation, brands seek relevant feedback from individuals representing their target customers. They want to ensure that they are distinguishing between just a product idea and a product idea that you will love. When brands look for their target audience on MESH01, they narrow down their search through hyper-specific search attributes, including: 

  • Demographic information 
  • Lifestyle information 
  • Interests and activities participation 
  • Occupation details 
  • Shopping preferences 
  • And more 
product tester

What does all this mean for you as a MESH01 Product Tester?

You must be findable. As a MESH01 Product Tester, you are searchable by your MESH01 profile – and, more importantly, by the specific attributes that brands seek when recruiting candidates for concept testing opportunities. You can become findable in the MESH01 Community by creating a standout MESH01 profile that includes the following: 

  • A detailed tester bio 
  • Up-to-date sizing info 
  • A profile picture – say cheese! 
  • Current shipping address 
  • Completed profile surveys with detailed information about your experience, skill, level, and more! 

As a MESH01 Product Tester, you hold the key to shaping the future of products by providing feedback at the crucial concept testing stage. Your participation helps brands refine their ideas and ensures that the final product resonates with its intended audience. By taking proactive steps to become easily findable for brands by providing thorough information through your MESH01 Product Tester profile, you’re actively contributing to successful product creation.

Discover New Opportunities. 

In the constantly evolving world of products, the origin of beloved products often traces back to the spark of an idea. Yet, even with an abundance of creativity and ingenuity, the journey from product concept to product success is fraught with pitfalls. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, 95% of around 30,000 new products yearly fail. Why has the path for products been so bleak? 

Various factors often contribute to failed products, including: 

  • Pricing issues: Is the price tag just right, or off target? Getting the pricing strategy spot-on is critical to product success. 
  • Overlooked customer needs: What are your customers looking for? What problems need solving? It’s all about addressing their wants and needs. 
  • Brand blind spots: Do brands truly understand their target audience, shopping habits, daily routines, and the products they desire?  
  • Missing the customer’s call: The customer’s voice is the ultimate guide to new product development. Don’t miss out on it. 

This is where you come in! 

As a MESH01 Product Tester, you can help brands transform concepts into reality. Because of your feedback during the concept testing phase, brands can better understand exactly what their target audience is looking for before committing to the product creation process. Through concept testing on MESH01, brands get to hear the voice of the customer – yours specifically! 

Through your feedback, brands can: 

  • Validate product or market assumptions: By soliciting feedback from testers, brands can validate their assumptions and ensure that their product aligns with the real needs and preferences of customers like you. 
  • Refine concepts: Whether providing constructive criticism or actionable insights, brands can make changes to their initial ideas, refining them to better resonate with their target market. 
  • Uncover new needs: Do we all have back pain? Or just me? Testers can often bring different perspectives, use cases, and problems that brands may have yet to consider. 
  • Mitigate risks: Avoiding that 95% failure statistic. Early detection of potential pitfalls and shortcomings allows brands to proactively address issues, reducing the risk of failure in the later stages of product development or, worse, in the market. 

That’s a lot of power! As a MESH01 Product Tester, you can help brands discover new products and opportunities. The next step is taking that opportunity and figuring out the right direction. 

Provide The Right Direction Through Concept Testing. 

Talking to the right people and discovering new potential product opportunities are both essential parts of concept testing for brands. Nevertheless, the advantages of listening to the customer continue beyond there. MESH01 allows brands to utilize concept testing to better listen to the voice of the customer, understand what matters to you as customers, and precisely what the product should look and feel like. How do they do this? They are engaging with the right people by immediately figuring out the right direction. 

As mentioned, brands can discover new product opportunities with the help of the MESH01 Community – but they can also find out precisely what their customers are looking for and ensure that they are meeting your expectations. Product designs are introduced during concept testing at the beginning of the product creation process. As a MESH01 Product Tester, you determine factors Including: 

  • Materials 
  • Design 
  • Colors/pattern 
  • Even entire silhouettes! 
  • And much, much more 

As a result, designers and developers no longer have to wait and hope their customers will love their new styles or base next year’s products on last year’s feedback. They can launch their products with the confidence that comes with including their customer in product design and product development. 

Great Concepts + Great Feedback = Great Products. 

Your influence on the future of products is undeniable. As a MESH01 Product Tester, your multi-channel feedback holds the power to guarantee satisfaction for countless customers to come. Your voice is crucial in shaping a brighter future for products worldwide. Keep making a difference!