According to Pew Research, nearly 73% of adults seek extra knowledge for personal and work-related reasons. Digital technology plays a notable role in these pursuits. New technologies have opened new doors when it comes to learning through connections. This allows us to learn more about ourselves, others, and the world around us. As parents, we are continuously trying to learn more about our children’s interests and connect with them on their experiences, activities, and even the products they use. In this article, we’ll look at how parents and kids are sharing the product experience through technology.

Connecting Parents and Their Children Through Retail and Fashion Technology

The accessibility through new technology to social trends and information often encourages regularly us to learn more about the world around us. For parents, this often means trying to keep up with their kids’ homework, latest interest, and trends. Kids’ apparel and footwear are a big part of this! According to the Boys & Girls Club of Central Texas, your child’s way of dressing is a form of self-expression. Encouraging children to express themselves from an early age is vital for their overall development and self-confidence. Self-expression also fosters feelings of independence, self-advocacy, and creativity.

While it may be difficult for parents to keep up with the latest kids’ clothing and footwear trends, new product experience technologies are making it easier for parents to learn more about the styles their children are interested in. There are multiple ways a parent can learn more about what is popular amongst their children’s age group. Including some of the following:

  • Virtual Shopping & Virtual Reality
  • Fashion Blogs & Online Magazines
  • Virtual Media Outlets
A parent sharing the kids' product experience with their child through product testing

These developments in technology are quickly changing the way parents learn about and shop for new clothing. Switching roles to the purchaser for a child, a new way parents can learn more about their children’s clothing experiences is through concept and product testing. Through kids’ apparel and footwear concept and product testing, parents can directly share in the clothing experiences of their children. Further, this shared experience is a critical step brands take to make great products. So, by sharing the product experience with your children through product testing, you’re helping to shape the future of product experiences for children in general.

So how does it work?

On MESH01, as a parent product tester, you are invited to participate in testing opportunities on behalf of children. Through these product testing experiences, you will be joining countless other parents and children receiving new products designed to meet kids’ and parents’ expectations. Through digital surveys, activity logs, performance zones, image/video uploads, and more, parents can give first-hand feedback that helps brands create exceptional products. This will help ensure comfort and performance for the little ones. Product and concept testing brings about a new and interactive way for parents to connect with their children. It helps them learn more about their clothing and preferences that are actually within the product development process.

3 Ways Concept and Product Testing are Bringing Parents and Children Together Through the Kids’ Product Experience

How does concept and product testing help parents learn about their children?

Normally, as a MESH01 Product Tester you are helping brands bring product ideas to life. In doing this, you are also shaping the world of products for the better through your honest and direct feedback. As a tester, brands value your opinion, your experience, and your personal taste! While participating in kids’ concept and product testing opportunities with and on behalf of your kids – you can learn some things about your kids as brands learn from both of you. This includes:

  • Understanding your child’s personal style. Through children’s feedback on product tests, parents are given the opportunity to learn even more about their child’s product preferences. Whether it is how they may want to put their own spin on a new trend through an outfit choice, to when and where their child prefers different styles, the product testing process often digs into these details so that brands can create styles that match your kids’ needs.
  • Gaining exposure to new and different clothing trends. With kids’ fashion trends changing so rapidly, it can be tough to keep up with them. Through concept and product testing, parent product testers often get to learn about and shape upcoming trends. Most importantly which trends your child gravitates towards the most. It’s like having a sneak peek where you’re voices are heard.
  • Better understand your child’s decision-making process: We all have our preferences when choosing clothing. Color, fabrics, and silhouettes are all something that makes the shopping experience so unique and personal to every one of us. Through concept testing, your decisions are responsible for identifying, curating, and nurturing future product opportunities. Since brands are already relying on which design or color concept your child may prefer, it is also a great opportunity to learn more about what your child looks for and how they choose clothing.

Learning more about your child is an ongoing process, and advances in technology are making it easier to connect with them in certain areas of life. Product and concept testing technology are one way parents can continue to connect with their children. Not only do parents have the opportunity to learn more about their children’s fashion choices through unique, fun, and interactive experiences their children will always remember, but they also get to work together with their children to provide brands the insight they need to create comfortable, on-trend clothing that future families will love.