Your customers are the voice of your brand

For any brand, rejection is one of the hardest things to overcome. You launch a product that your team spent considerable time and money on and when it launches, it’s a dud. Or worse; it doesn’t meet the expectations of the consumer.

When this happens, brands go into damage control mode to try and save their reputation. But with the product in the marketplace, there’s not much they can do to save face. Ultimately, they take the loss, go back to the drawing board, and hope that their next product can redeem them.

All the while, brand loyalty suffers until that new product launches. This fact can lead to the company rushing through the project for the replacement product and inevitably compounding the mistakes they previously made.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it all could have been avoided.

The Voice of Your Brand

Your customers are your bread and butter. They buy your product initially because it meets their needs, and, over time, become devoted to you. These are the people you can rely on to leave a good review. These are the people who will buy more products from you. But ultimately, these are the people you should be listening to when it comes to product improvements and new products in general.

In today’s day and age, news travels fast. It’s true, you can’t please all the people all of the time. So, getting a bad review here and there is bound to happen. But when you have people who are loyal to your brand and its products, their support can become the voice of your brand. It’s their enthusiasm and commitment that can help combat bad reviews and help maintain your status in the marketplace.

So how do you tap into this beneficial resource? How do you turn a good review by a great customer into the information that helps influence your next project?

Quite simply: Concept Testing and Pre-Launch Product Testing.

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Concept Testing allows you to talk to the right people, near the beginning of the product development process. By reaching out to your core customers this early on, you can get the critical feedback you need to point your project in the right direction.

The MESH01 platform allows you to assemble a team of consumers so you can:

  • Validate your market opportunity.
  • Inform product design.
  • Influence direction and positions.
  • Mitigate the risks of future product returns, unsold inventory, and unhappy customers.
  • Build a database of valuable feedback.

Pre-Launch Product Testing

Pre-Launch Product Testing allows you to get samples of your product in the hands of your consumers before it hits the market. Allowing a select team of your core customers to physically test your product is one of the most authentic forms of validation. What’s more, they use their voice to give you critical insight into how your product performs. Depending on your timeline, it might even give you the opportunity to react and correct any issues before launch.

The MESH01 platform allows you to assemble a team of hands-on test experts to:

  • Get immediate results.
  • Confirm that the product performs as intended, in the environment it was intended to perform in.
  • Understand any pain points and give you the opportunity to work them out, pre-launch.
  • Allow you to launch your product into the market confidently.
  • Expand upon your database of valuable feedback.

The MESH01 Experience

Product Development is cyclical meaning that when one project ends another one begins. Having a process in place as well as a wealth of pertinent feedback can only make the process easier, efficient, and more beneficial to your brand.

The MESH01 is a flexible product testing platform. It can provide you access to a team of testers, comprised of your core customers. From there you can create surveys, test processes, and interact with the people who are dedicated to your brand. They’ll provide you feedback at the concept level, results from physical tests, as well as prove to be a valuable asset post-launch. This way you’ll never skip a beat in the product development cycle.

Connect with us MESH01 today and optimize your product development process so you can get the market results you need to keep your brand growing.