Shape The Future of Products Through Product Testing

Brands strive to stand out from the rest, whether through marketing, in-store experiences, or customer service or some combination. However, the ultimate determining of their success invariably boils down to the product experience. The product experience can be predicted and enhanced effectively through the product testing experience.

MESH01 presents brands with a unique opportunity to engage with their target audience beyond online reviews, past sales, and trends. For product testers, what sets MESH01 apart from other product testing sites is the opportunity test a new product before it hits the market. This means that MESH01 Product Testers like you can actively contribute valuable feedback that significantly influences a product during product development.  

Don’t believe us? Keep reading. 

To be clear, developing a product involves a lot of effort across multiple phases. MESH01 is committed to aiding brands in optimizing concept testing and product testing, leveraging the feedback from -you guessed it- our amazing MESH01 Product Tester community. As a MESH01 Product Tester, your feedback plays a distinct role in concept and product testing.

In this article we will discuss how your feedback shapes the future of so many of the world’s leading brands’ products. 

The Product Testing Experience on MESH01 

What is product testing on MESH01 all about? Let’s break it down. Product testing involves gathering product-centric feedback from target audience end users before launching a product. Testers must evaluate and provide detailed feedback on quality, durability, design, and overall product experience. The primary purpose of product testing for brands is to ensure that they are bringing products to the market that align with their target consumer’s preferences and expectations. 

Product testing is important because it identifies and addresses potential issues or improvements before the product reaches the market. As a tester, you play a crucial role in this process by offering valuable insights that help refine the product. The tester’s voice -your voice-matters because it provides a direct and authentic perspective from the target audience, assisting brands in understanding how the product will be received in the real world. 

By conducting product tests, brands can mitigate risks associated with launches. They gain early visibility into potential challenges, allowing them to make informed decisions and improvements based on tester feedback. This direct interaction with the target audience before the launch ensures that the final product meets or exceeds customer expectations, contributing to a successful and well-received market introduction. 

During a product test on MESH01, testers can submit feedback through numerous different channels – each providing different value to the brand.  Those channels include surveys, Performance Zones, Activity Logs + Wash Logs, Image + Video Uploads and more. Each channel offers a unique opportunity for the brand to improve its product; let us explain. 

A MESH01 Product Tester evaluating apparel

Product Testing Surveys 

The survey is a method of collecting information about a specific topic from a target audience. MESH01 product testing surveys typically consist of 10-20 questions each. Surveys provide brands with valuable insights into the product testing experience including consumer preferences, opinions, and experiences, allowing them to refine products and marketing strategies based on this feedback.  

Brands gain a deeper understanding of their audience and its experience with their products through surveys, helping them make informed decisions. To leave the best surveys as a tester, you are expected to provide detailed and honest feedback, addressing all aspects of the product. Specific input about likes, dislikes, and constructive criticism aids brands in making informed decisions for product improvements. 

MESH01 Performance Zones 

MESH01 Performance Zones are product experience heat maps that allow you to tag specific areas or aspects of a product that MESH01 testers evaluate, concentrating on elements such as quality, functionality, or design. Testers use MESH01 Performance Zones to evaluate and tag visually, focusing on quality, functionality, or design elements.  

Through MESH01 Performance Zones, brands can quickly assess the good and the bad. They also allow testers to quickly notify brands of any critical product issues uncovered during testing. Testers can report any discomfort or quality problems encountered throughout the testing period through performance zones, whether good or bad. They can also provide positive feedback by highlighting areas where the product excels or exceeds expectations.  

To provide the best feedback in performance zones, MESH01 Product Testers are expected to provide thorough and targeted feedback. Through MESH01 Performance Zones, we ask that you address functionality, durability, and design. Be explicit about your experience and offer constructive suggestions for enhancement. This feedback ensures that countless others receive a quality product overall! 

Activity Logs + Wash Logs 

Activity Logs + Wash Logs are records kept by testers to detail their interactions and experiences with a product over time, specifically focusing on its performance after washing or regular use. During a test, MESH01 Product Testers can utilize these logs to document the product’s performance through various activities or washing cycles, providing a longitudinal perspective on durability and functionality. 

Brands gain insights into how the product withstands real-life usage, including any changes in performance after specific activities or washes. This data helps in refining product quality. To leave the best Activity Logs + Wash Logs, we ask that you diligently record your experiences with the product over time. Highlight any noticeable positive or negative changes after specific activities or washes. Brands are looking for insights into the product’s long-term performance and durability. 

Image + Video Uploads 

Image + Video Uploads involve sharing visual representations of the productto supplement your feedback with a visual context. Testers use image uploads to provide a visual dimension to their feedback, showcasing aspects like product appearance, general wear and tear, or any issues encountered during the testing process. 

Brands gain valuable insights from Image + Video Uploads! When you upload Images or videos, brands get visual and written feedback, which helps them better understand the tester’s experience and address any problems. 

To ensure the best image uploads, testers are advised to include clear and relevant images that support their feedback. It is crucial to capture any defects, highlight noteworthy features, or showcase aspects that contribute to the overall experience. Providing a visual context enhances the comprehensiveness of the feedback, allowing brands to assess the wear and tear of the product and make informed decisions for improvement. This visual documentation is instrumental in helping brands gauge the real-world impact of their products throughout the testing period. 

The Future is You Through Product Testing 

As a MESH01 Product Tester, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of products through feedback from surveys, Performance Zones, Activity Logs + Wash Logs, and Image + Video Uploads. Your feedback through your product testing experience contributes significantly as you identify issues and provide constructive suggestions for enhancement through thorough and multi-dimensional feedback! 

With your feedback, brands can confidently bring products to the market, ensure they are high-quality, and align with their consumer preferences and expectations. Needless to say, the future of products relies on you, a MESH01 Product Tester. 

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